I want my US Dollars not pounds

The forex mid rate on 9 October on my US$20,000 is remarkably worse than the mid rate today 13 March 09. As with our Euros too.
By signing the IOM Gov memorandum of assignment we are giving away 6,000 pounds because the IOM Gov states the exchange rate will be taken at 9 october 08. Also a host of one's other legal rights disappear too.
Following this line, a question is how much of Mike Simpsons 179 million is denominated in US Dollars and Euros. How much in those 550 Million 'lent to KSF UK in a solvency situation that has to be regulatory error, was also denominated in US Dollars. Given that one signs away all rights to getting the 'rate of the day' in a SoA - unless the 'bank' is liquidated, who makes the currency profits in the event of a Scheme of Arrangement?
Not it seems the depositors?
It could well be the IOM Gov could be making literally millions in profits in a scheme of arrangement by exchanging foreign currency owned by depositors. Six months ago it was pretty obvious the way Gordon Brown and Alistair darling were conducting their management of the UK economy, at least to the ex pats of KSF IOM, US$ were starting to look good as being the World reserve Currency.
Amazing how the spendthrifts escape and the savers get hit. 70 years old, on a boat with no dough to speak of, do we sanction the scam or wait for possible justice?

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