For the future - Livret A?

Happily our retirement dosh wasn't entirely in KIOM and we have some in BBI and Halifax International!! Yes I know that both went into a forced marriage with Santander but probably safer with them that in splendid isolation. Anyway I've rediscovered the benefits of Livret A accounts that you open with La Poste and, from Jan 2009, with commercial banks. I know the interest rate is only 4% but income tax liability and its isn't liable to the social charges either so the gross equivalent must be 5.5%+. Perhaps not as good as some but I reckon La Poste is rather safer than most. Investment limit is €15300 per person but you can also do an LLD deposit for a further €6000 (you have to be french tax resident for this one) so worth considering. I expect you fellow French residents probably know all this but just in case......

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