Freedom of Information Requests - Help requested (now with comments enabled I hope)


Note that they are obliged to respond to FOI requests within a defined timeframe. They can and often do use a ´confidential ´ get out provision, but IMO its another avenue worth trying.

I have a request pending in relation to the basis of the release of funds to Dave Whelan. You can see it on the above site.

Requests can be directed, amongst others, to Prime Minister´s Office, Treasury, Misistry of Justice.

I want to do a request to all of the three above along the following lines:

Dear Sirs,

´Thousands of mainly British savers in Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander (KSF) Isle of Man have been deprived of access to their savings since October 2008. The demise of the previously solvent bank occurred as a result of the freezing of monies deposited with KSF UK after the UK Government's actions against Icelandic Banks. TSC findings indicated various ´weaknesses´ by both UK and IOM regulatory authorities.

Considering that:

1) Gordon Brown has been quoted as saying that "as a matter of policy all governments should vouchsafe the savings & deposits in the banks in their jurisdiction."

2) Alistair Darling in a TSC meeting stated that´ ........................................´

3) The TSC report recommended that the UK Government should work with the Isle of Man to resolve the

I would like to know precisely what steps the UK Government have taken, or are planning to take to ensure that the Isle of Man comply with the publicly stated recommended policies as above. It is apparent that the Isle of Man, as a Crown Dependency, need to be instructed to comply and may well require assistance in order to reimburse 100% of depositors monies, therefore please also confirm that assistance by way of release of funds frozen with KSF UK (understood to be within UK Treasury powers) or a loan to the Isle of Man, has, or will be offered.



1) Gordon Brown quote - when / where was it made?
2) Recall that Darling made a similar statement at the TSC meeting, but I can´t find it. Help anybody?

Suggestions on wording welcome. Others might like to do similar requests to increase pressure.

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