A few basics

Note that in the right side-bar you will see the Group Menu which shows the name of the group as its title.

Adding and removing members

Click the link that says nn members (nn is the current number of members.) From there you can see who the current members are, add or remove members, add or remove administrator status.

What is an administrator ?

Administrators can:
* add and remove members,
* use the broadcast feature to send email to all members.

Admistrators cannot:
* make themselves manager
* remove the manager's privileges
* edit the group's home page and settings

How to edit the home page

The group's home page is at http://chat.ksfiomdepositors.org/group/ [group--name] and there you will see an "edit" link near the top. You can also change the title and description of the group, but not the url (I can do that for you if you change the title such that the current url is no longer suitable.)

Private groups

If you set the group as private people won't know it exists, other than by links from other posts - for example, it will not be shown groups list. It does not need to be private in order for you to control membership, although if not private then the home page itself is visible to anyone who goes to the group's url.

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