EPS 2 payable end of June

Can you please advise how many of us have these problems with IOM Treasury re EPS 2


Dear Mr XXXX

I can confirm receipt of your EPS2 application form on 6th April 2009, it is anticipated that payment instructions will be passed to our bank 28 days after receipt of the documents. I understand it can take another 10 days for payment to reach your account.

Yours truly,

David Watterson

Officer IOM Treasury

SECOND MAIL (At the end of 28th days I asked has instruction been passed to their bank to effect payment to our nominated bank account)

Dear Mr XXXX

I confirm your payment is in progress and is taking 1 calendar month to process.

Please check with your bank mid May 2009.

Kind regards,

Julie Gardner

KSF Treasury Helpdesk

THIRD MAIL (received today)

Dear Mr xxxx

Thank you for your email.

We are unfortunately, encountering considerable delays in making payments to non UK bank accounts. It is now anticipated that payment will be made toward the end of June.

Yours truly,
David Watterson
Officer IOM Treasury

What is happening there? Have they run out of money? Is this some tactic related to SOA voting or something elseā€¦?

I am confused and shocked. Is this what they meant saying EPS 2 will be paid faster?

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