Both the DCS and the SOA both guarantee just ONE thing; that thousands of depositors who have more than 50,000 pounds run the very real risk of losing much of their savings. It is as simple as that. Voting for either scheme is therefore tantamount to stupidity. There is nothing in either scheme which guarantees the return of 100% of our deposits. We are in fact being corralled.
The issue must be forced in another direction. But which and how? E-mails have helped but the Governments still won't budge. Our interviews have helped but the empathy we need is still not there. Are we any nearer our goal to getting all our money back? It is unlikely too that thousands are going to come together on the streets of London, that is very clear; many are old and infirm and the turmoil would, understandably, be just too much. Others are working and living abroad and it is impossible for them to come. There are those still stunned and immobilized into inaction from this awful scandal. There are a few who will fight to the end but are there enough? So, what can we do? My idea is this: Can ALL of us, EVERY ONE OF US, write a brief letter to the IOM government to the effect that we cannot, and WILL NOT vote, until we know how much of the 500 odd million pounds is to be returned. We must ask for a further delay until we know the answer to this question, which is the linch-pin upon which everything else rests. It defies belief that the IOM government hasn't already done this. If the IOM government really had our interests at heart they would surely have recommended this. Could I suggest the DAG Strategy Team send out an e-mail to everyone to see what the general feeling is. If it is overwhelming, a petition signed by thousands can be handed to the IOM Government! Meanwhile, we can inform ALL the Radio and Television and National Newspapers what we are doing and why. That way, the whole world can see and understand what is happening. We must act soon. What do you think? Best Wishes.

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