Derbyshire and the TSC tomorrow

As you all probably know by know I have the opportunity to answer questions at the TSC hearing tomorrow morning (yes it's still going ahead as of 10 minutes ago). To this end I have already spoken to a couple of Derbyshire depositors to geth theri stories but I would like to speak to a few more (2 or 3).

If you're interested in having a brief (10 mins top) chat about your situation and how you feel about it and what points you think are important to point out, then please drop me an email asap to ksfiom(?)talktalk [dot] net.
Please levae your name and number and when you're available this evening and I call you back (so you don't have the call charges).

Needless to say I will not be able to call all of you back but I will to my best to get as full a picture as possible. Thanks for any help.

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Derbyshire by Patrick Laming
Derbyshire BS by howagcr
Derbyshire BS by howagcr