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OK, so if I am able to do another summary today... but really... I don't want to be the only one with this burden, what's the best way?
I'd want it to be in the General discussions forum, on the front page, no comments allowed so locked in that regard, and also editable by any site admin to allow updates. When you (rightly) locked the one yesterday it meant I couldn't add any updates after that, not that I really wanted to it as was then 4:30am my time.
By the way, the one yesterday may be a bit confusing for some, it says 16th October which is today in Europe, I guess you are in Asia-Pacific.
I could do the updates by editing the actual topic body, rather than comments like yesterday, but then it might sink in the forum due to having "no new comments", unless it could be made to stick to the top.
I guess we could do a Site Editors group topic, made public, and promoted to front page, with comments locked, and I just update teh body, but then that wouldn't go in forum.
Let me know your thoughts before doing anything.....

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