Complaint letter about (non) response by British Embassy

I have not got a repsonse from the British Embassy in Abu Dhabi. I think when I asked the group if anyone had got a response there were no replies. I will work on the assumption that no one got a response. Although there is probably little that the Ambassador can do, I personnally feel that the Embassy should have shown some decent manners, by replying. Little actions add up, like this website, so knowing that the Ambassador was at least intersted in our case and was prepared to follow up becomes part of the big overall pressure on the people in power in london etc. We never know what effect we get from the ripples arising from throwing a pebble in the sea.
I am sure many people will think, so what...what do you expect, waste of time... etc etc. However I am appalled that the first time in many years of working overseas that I have 'needed' the Embassy, that they have failed. I think they need to know
they have failed. It might not help us...but it might help the next people who are in a crisis. I also do not think that it is acceptable that many letters, e-mails get sent to the Embassy and there is silence.
We have one week to go before possible liquidation, so the matter is a little urgent.
I have sent a complaint letter/e-mail to the FCO - this is the procedure on the website:

If you are not satisfied with the support you receive and want to make an official complaint, please write to the FCO Director of Consular Services at the following address or email

complaint [dot] consular [dot] services(?)fco [dot] gov [dot] uk

Consular Directorate
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Old Admiralty Building
Spring Gardens

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