Chainsaws, Wood 'n' stuff.

As we seem to be interested in chainsaws and wood prices, something that is probably of little interest to other Groups, and I want to see a different Title on the veritable shower of emails I get, I thought I'd start a separate Group topic. Hope this doesn't upset you Lucky Jim as your Bonjour a Tous topic has generated some much needed relief from the problems of KSFIOM.
For the record mine's a Stihl and with the extra chains I got from our local Gamm Vert this autumn my trees have been tumbling to provide for winter 2011. I'm in the lucky position that I've got several hectares of chene so I don't need to buy in except when I didn't do enough logging in previous years but I'm told that €55 a stere is about average around here (Lot) You can get chestnut much cheaper but it doesn't provide as much heat. The 2year dried and split logs usually come in 1m lengths but you can get them cut to 50cm for a few extra Euros. If you need 40cm lengths for your fires then I suggest you stick to buying 1m lengths and cut them yourself to save cost. That's the interesting stuff for us Frenchies but I suppose I'd better say a bit about KSFIOM.

To Tricky Dicky. Thanks for flagging the interest issue with the Questions for Mike Simpson thread and I'm sure we all (including the bloody Fisc) await the response with ....interest!
To various others in the French Group. Thanks for confirming what I thought that the rather intemperate remarks flying about in others areas of the site have been off-putting in terms of posting messages.
To anyone reading this who thinks I'm being too light-hearted or insensitive. I probably am but, heigh ho, I'd rather do that than be depressed.

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