Some of you may know me, some not, my name is Adrienne. I attended the TSC meeting and organised the post-meeting yesterday. Everyone who attended the meeting was a High Net worth investor. Some had many millions at stake.

After listening to Divers update, and considering his imminent departure, I concluded that we urgently need to connect to each other - and as many High Net worth investors as we can find - to position ourselves over the next 9 days in readiness to make a sensible vote on SOA or DCS or liquidation, and any possible lawsuits which may follow. We do not want to be caught up in the wave of noise which is sure to start happening. Diver is in the difficult position of having to consider everyones needs.

I am totally supportive of doing everything I can to get 100% back and will continue to fight for that, but it was clear yesterday from Diver that we are at a juncture right now where we need to make a decision in the interest of ourselves. if we are coordinated, we have a better chance of a better outcome.

I am willing to co-ordinate this. If you are interested (and and as a HNW you should be), please email me.

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