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Posted: Fri, 24/12/2010 - 08:18

Well guys,it's that time of the year again.Santa and his gang of helpers will be struggling in this snow and ice to get round and do his thing.
I guess we all feel a bit more relieved with our latest dividend.But i know, like many others, that some how, i still feel cheated? It feels like others are well ahead in the queue and we get the, 'left overs.'
I am forever hopeful of people, 'doing the right thing.' Maybe, just maybe,it's our turn next year.It would be wonderful to be reunited with all our hard earned cash.It would be even more wonderful to have the last 40% in one installment instead of being drip fed.I guess that's what Xmas is all about.............hope.
Failing the above miracle happening,i will still be here trying to post something to bring a smile to your faces.I know sometimes its a bit naughty, or down right rude,but its only a bit of fun.I would never knowingly offend anyone (except those who put us where we are now!)
Have a wonderful Xmas whatever you are doing and wherever you are.
As always,keep your tounges out and check your bellies for spots!

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