What kind of forum do we need

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Posted: Fri, 22/05/2009 - 12:40


Not sure if this will be posted in the right place.

Note I am a real supporter of DAG and much appreciate their efforts.

However it must be said

I today got an e mail from DAG saying I have to subscribe to their web sites from June 1st.

I appreciate their web sites but an simple newletter sent by emai would suffice, I do not need a discussion forum

I recieved about 20+ messages from DAG today, spam I do not need.

I suggest a simple email newletter with advice

Keep it simple


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A newsletter is not *that* simple!

  • ng
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  • Fri, 22/05/2009 - 14:46

If you're receiving too many emails, then you may need to set your notification options - information here: http://chat.ksfiomdepositors.org/blog-entry/how-use-notificationssubscri...

A few questions you may not have thought of:

  • Where would the information for such a newsletter come from? Who would collate it?
  • Who would write the newsletters? (it could be a collaborative effort of course, then how would the newsletter team organise themselves?)
  • How would people know that the newsletters exists, e,g, if they search on Google (so a simple web page would at least be needed, with information on how to subscribe to the newsletter.)
  • Who would set up the newsletter distribution system and maintain it?
  • Who would handle support issues for members who, for whatever reason, failed to receive the newsletter correctly?
  • How would maintain an archive of newsletters and make it visible on the web to help support our cause?

All that said, I agree that we need a newsletter, for those depositors who just want summary information. You may notice that I mentioned this in my proposal here: http://chat.ksfiomdepositors.org/forum-topic/important-ongoing-access-da...

Hi Ng well I am honored

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  • Sat, 23/05/2009 - 13:15

Hi Ng

your comments and suggestions most appreciated, I do realise you are one of the most respected members of the group so thanks.

To answer your comments

there are I feel three kinds of investors

  1. Internet blind, really do not know what the situation is

2.Internet savvy, able to understand through the DAG site what is going on, I am in that group

  1. Internet savvy but having the intelligence and experience to debate the situation.

Unfortunately for the types like myself the debates that happend confuse me.

Where do we go from here

First I fully support the DAG leadership and have given them my proxy vote.

So people like myself do not wish to read debate that is anti DAG.

I have time on my hands as I am on sick leave at the moment, yes real sick leave not skiving.

Hence I am available to assist in production of a newletter.

Pretty easy

Content and send to e mails or addressesses.

One of the most helpful item DAG produced was the help phoneline, one item which I would set in stone, and again I am able to assist.

So what I am saying is " It is confusing to an investor like myself to read so many confilcting views, suggest we follow DAG.

Types of DAG members and their needs

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  • Sat, 23/05/2009 - 13:47

Yes, that's a pretty good summary. A simple way to receive email for only information posted by the Strategy Team is to use the notifications feature to receive posts by them. Lucky Jim is writing some good stuff too... you could include him for example. When you read a blog or forum post you will see the subscription options in a menu on the left titled "Subscriptions".

As for an email newsletter, independent of the web site, it is something I want to set up. But of course somebody will need to write newsletters. Actually distributing the newsletter would be nothing more than emailing to a specific address, perhaps for example news(?)ksfiomdepositors [dot] org - the system would then automatically distribute it to everyone who had subscribed to the newsletter. It would also be feasible to have such a newsletter automatically sent out by physical post (or perhaps fax) - there are commercial services to do this, but of course they need to be paid for.

Anyway, at the end of the day the web sites and my role here are to facilitate communication. I'm interested in all ideas which might help with that aim.