What the difference between a Bank and a Robber ?

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Posted: Thu, 30/10/2008 - 23:52

I am a bit confused with this problem. Can anyone shed any light and help me resolve the riddle?

If we have one bank - only one bank. That bank contains the deposits of 8000 clients. That day a robber goes in and steals all the money. The bank has no money left. We ask for our money - the bank says it does not have any....

  1. Is the bank insured, such that the insurance company would pay out?
  2. If not what obligations does the bank have?
  3. Finally if it did have an obligation - but no money, what would it do?
  4. If the robber gets caught, the robber would be imprisoned.

Now the third items suggests that it would have no choice but to got into liquidation. Now in the meantime the Police have a suspicion on the identity of the owner, however it does not have evidence. So it continues to get the forensic scientists involved.

Now in this scenario I think you can work out the roles and who has been playing them. Now the question is what laws exist to protect the clients against the bank, the robber, the insurance company and potentially any inside wheelings and dealings......?

Do we need an Inspector Clouseau or Columbo so help us?

What happens if the robber is a government or another bank. Is this legalised robbery? Does that mean that I can open up a company, get a loan, spend lots of money to advertise, get all the money from potential clients, then liquidate - would that be legal? I mean if I unknowingly did it? Now what happens if we all did it? I mean we all set companies like this up and carried on legally robbing people. Perhaps robbing is too low level a term to be used as we are talking about governments and official establishments. What would be the proper term to use ? etealth tax, embezzlement, creative accounting, creative robbing....so many terms same conclusion - money taken, without permission!

I feel sick, deeply sick to the bone with this. I have no faith in the system and I hear echos of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels from the grave! I have read a few articles on their views on the capitalists and how we are all part of the pyramid of slavery. I have been on the side of capitalism, with bits of me understanding the counter arguments of it's evils......Now I am in deep in the abyss as I no not what the core values of man are, what is right and wrong. Where is the correct balance of social life. What is justice, freedom, trust ?

An interesting set of links:


Whatever your personal thoughts - this is reality and history in the making.....we are seeing unprecedented times. I hope the sufferers here have enough resolve, whatever it takes to fight continuously for our human rights. If we do not get our money back we will be the living icons of the evils of capitalism and how the very entity, money, that we have worked for, is the very catalyst of our demise. Should the philosophers, law makers, politicians, economists and the rest of the social giants want capitalism to work, they must not allow this catastrophy to be a Marxist Messiah! These very events that we have faced, together with the people who have lost their money with the other financial institutions, will be seen as the reasoning to adopt a Marxist Society. This will erode the very reasoning for the existence of capitalism as in the limit as the sheer magnitude becomes overwhelming we will see change like never before. This can lead mass depression, wars and annihilation of mankind. It has happened in the previous two world wars and it can happen again. So let us ensure the decision makers in this life really understand the gravity of this situation. This is not just about this bank. It is about ALL the banks in the world. It is not just about ALL the banks, it is about all the companies that need the banks to survive, the people who need the companies to survive and the chain reaction continues.

Several companies have fallen, more will follow. I know 30 people personally who have been laid off. The world is in a state of despair, and I hope not denial as all the signs show that this problem is not about to go away, it has just begun!

I wish everyone well through this mess, and like to thank every one for the efforts and continued support for the momentum towards justice.

Sorry for the lengthy post....I can't sleep. I havn't done so for three days flat. I have no finger nails left. My body and mind are out of sync, my life is out of sync, so is the planet....this is life I guess?

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The answer is...

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  • Fri, 31/10/2008 - 00:05

They can't exist without each other, they coexist, they are equals and opposites...they have the same blood - it's called money!

All we have done is feed their coexistence and now their demise - I use this as a very broad term; humans in this mad world feeding the economy and feeding from it, in the process dancing with the devil and selling our souls....