Useful rhyming words and phrases

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Posted: Thu, 23/07/2009 - 14:56

With some help from - a few that might be workable...

Isle of Man

retirement plan
family man - wealthy man - working man
travel plan - police van - secret plan


style - hostile - rank and file - for a while


swank - tank - thank - blank
draw a blank - septic tank

regulation - aberration - desperation - expectation - celebration - dedication - corporation - propagation - transformation

Plenty more on, can anyone find some more good ones?

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Other rhyming words

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  • Sat, 25/07/2009 - 04:40

Other ideas:-


beyond imagination - degradation - inflation - denigration

Isle of Man:

ban - "down the pan" - evil plan



Liquidation -

condemnation - nation - 'left standing at the station'

gone down a hole - stole - goal - poll

Deposit : toss it

Collapse :



not funny


lost - tossed - crossed

Just a few ideas. I thought I might add a little something about the Isle of Man's flag. Take a look at it on the internet. It comprises of three legs, joined at the thigh and bent ( well we all know that now!) It is called a triskelion. If you look at the way the legs are joined you can see that they are only fit for running round and round in circles. Does this seem to be a familiar theme and treatment, that we seem to encounter, whilst dealing with the island's bureaucracy?

Brilliant idea

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  • Thu, 23/07/2009 - 15:35

yellow sub is a great tune, but beware the word bloody. I know it's crazy but whilst after 9pm anything seems to go, the BBC are just weird about even the mildest of words before then so you could find that if we get very popular they won't let us be heard before 9pm - if you don't make the earlier news bulletin then you probably won't make the later one either. Also could there be any copyright issues with this? If stations have to pay a royalty to use the clip then they won't b so inclined to use it.

Yes I agree, I wondered about

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  • Thu, 23/07/2009 - 16:30

Yes I agree, I wondered about "bloody" too - what's a better one?

Re. copyright, yes that's an issue, but I know a little on this topic (=dangerous!) and believe that whilst royalties would be payable on sales of such a song, other than we should be ok. If (e.g.) the BBC were to broadcast it, they not us would be responsible for paying royalties. We would need to credit the original and not claim copyright ourselves to the tune (to the lyrics yes.) Whether you tube would remove it might be a problem, but if it stayed there long enough to have effect.

How about a fun song which is copyright free? "Old Macdonald had a farm" for example.. Um..

Old (who?) had an Isle, eeayeeayoh.
and on that Isle he/she/they(?) had a Bank eeayeeayoh
* with a (what?) here and a (what?) there...


Twinkle twinkle little Isle
Now I understand your style
Far beyond the DCS
We demand you pay the rest
Twinkle twinkle little Isle
Now I understand your style

(more verses, each starting Twinkle twinkle something else) Anything better than twinkle?

Twinkle twinkle - verse 2

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  • Sat, 25/07/2009 - 04:51

Twinkle twinkle Isle of Man
Should have come up with a plan
Banking sector you surely can
100% compensate depositors, to a man
Twinkle twinkle little isle
Different to world policy by a mile.

Twinkle Twinkle IOM

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  • Sat, 25/07/2009 - 11:35

Very good. Get it on youtube right away. This could be the last straw we are looking for. If you don't know how to put it on youtube, borrow a child from someone.