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Tax information exchange

  • IceCrusher
  • 14/10/08 25/10/11
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  • Fri, 07/11/2008 - 08:50

Tax Information Exchange: Isle of Man
A new tax information exchange agreement between the governments of the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man was signed in Douglas, Isle of Man on 29 September 2008 by Michael Wills MP, Minister of State for Constitutional Renewal and Tony Brown, Chief Minister of the Isle of Man. The governments have also agreed to amend the provisions of the 1955 arrangement between the two governments for the avoidance of double taxation with respect to taxes on income, notably to add provisions on the taxation of income from pensions and a mutual agreement procedure.

I invested in a British Bank S/F

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  • Sat, 11/10/2008 - 04:10

Im so furious , my original account was with one of the oldest most stable British Brokerage Firms before the Captain BirdsEye Debt Leveraged Pirates swooped in and decided to gamble my money >

I read on anther site a couple of posts from Icelanders disputing the action that our PM has taken , if you cant afford to meet your obligations you should not be in the game !

There are a number of posts by individuals on this site asking people to lay low for the weekend in case there is a run on the bank , what absolute nonsense .

Every individual should protest as loud and as strongly and as publically as possible , use th press , raise hell , get the media rolling .

The squeaky wheel always gets the grease . We need to make enough noise that IOM step up and change their regulatory interpretations when they next sit on 27th October and we need apublic body to be present if this is not resolved by then .

I have written every newspaper editor and asked them to investigate the sham that is DPS in IOM and asked them to come on this site and interview us all , about IOM not being a safe haven for even a stick of seaside rock !!!

2 months ago I read a piece by accident in the FT and phoned the MD Doherty who to be fair said at your own risk although he felt confident the bank would be great

Because of the hesitancy in his voice I moved 250k out and left 50k in , assuming the best , poor judegment !!