US News channels

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  • 10/10/08 31/05/09
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Posted: Fri, 24/10/2008 - 03:42

I am living in the US, has anyone tried contacting any US news channels, I'm sure the UK wouldn't want publicity about this fiasco going around the globe. I am going to try an contact a few in the next few days, but am out of town next week.

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CNN & WashingtonPost

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  • Fri, 24/10/2008 - 07:16

I've been sending both CNN & Washington Post regular updates, statuses and Press Releases, but haven't had any replies yet and not seen anything on their website.

Interesting, i've seen that Channel-4 got much of our story from PA (Press Association), so it is starting to reverb on the News wires.

Any other suggestions for contacts or possible news companies in US would be good! As you say, if US media can pick this up, especially after Browns remarks in the US that he has saved the world with his policies, then it could be a major source of embarresment to HMG.

Smaller US News Organizations

  • JayC
  • 14/10/08 31/05/09
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  • Fri, 24/10/2008 - 07:22

We can try submitting our letters to other smaller USA news organizations. Sometimes the big ones don't pick it up until they see local news agencies talking about it. I watch CNN nightly and all they talk about are tanking stock markets. Nordic bank news doesn't go beyond Iceland is broke and biggest bank nationalized there. And that was alld one a week ago.

I would say local UK news and local USA news agencies would be good. I'll start emailing a letter to all i can find. Anyway who does the same will help. After local news talks about it other bigger news agencies will sniff out a story and take it national.