Updates needed? Remove the "objective" field?

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Posted: Mon, 03/05/2010 - 19:54

Hi everybody. I haven't posted for ages as you may have noticed, but I still hang around keeping an eye on things.

Does anything need doing? I was thinking of removing the "Objective" field. It was added some time ago when some posts were arguably less than helpful. These days things are much better, and maybe the "Objective" field is just plain annoying.

Possibly other things could be simplified. After all the fuss I made (I believe for good reason. at the time) about the need for Groups, the fact it that now things have changed, we have a much smaller active membership, and "All members" is where almost everything gets posted, and that's probably perfectly ok.

Public site

The public site hasn't been updated for a long time. If anybody wants to take that one, please contact me. The processing for editing and updating there is slightly more complex than posting here, mainly because everything has to be suitably tagged in order to appear on the main menu (the menu itself probably needs a complete rethink in terms of structure.) There are potentially "political" issues too about who should be allowed to post there, but I'll accept input from members on that!


Just a reminder that all members are able to contribute to the glossary feature, and I think its a useful feature. There's info provided on how to do so if you follow the Glossary link in the top-menu.

System updates needed

Some time soon I plan yo update the underlying Drupal CMS. We are a couple of versions out of date, and that carries a small security risk. So it should be done, and while I'm doing that I'll tidy up any other loose ends, so please let me know what else needs doing.

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To ng

  • caledonia
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  • Fri, 07/05/2010 - 07:16

We also send our thanks to you for all you have done and indeed, still do. We don't know how we would survived this dreadful mess to date without this site.

Agree re removal of groups and objective field and indeed anything else to simplify your work. I only use the right hand side coloums now. I think we have (sadly) all been on here long enough to know our way round the site, know the players and of course the volume of posts to wade through are now minimal.

I don't have great input but probably like others, log on and off regularly to keep up to date with events/news and try to support and give thanks when required.

Good idea, ng

  • glen07
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  • Thu, 06/05/2010 - 23:06

Good to see your posting. I agree that the objective field need no longer be applied. I think the smaller number of depositors left, visiting this site, are fairly unified in their objective with this issue and the communication points to a clear goal. Sorry I can't help you with the computer stuff - I'm not in that league, I'm afraid. Otherwise the site continues to allow us to express opinions, formulate plans and collect information. Cheers to you.

To - ng

  • Gordon 45
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  • Wed, 05/05/2010 - 15:15


Without your ongoing input we could not post,

so I for one am very grateful,

Gordon 45


  • Julienne
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  • Thu, 06/05/2010 - 13:39

Yes agreed - this site is where we all came to fine each other - my thanks for it's continued existence.