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Posted: Mon, 13/10/2008 - 00:12

I do have some contacts in KSF in London and I have some of these people trying to get more information, my exposure is considerable! The latest news I have is: "Nick, just to say I have not been able to gather any more information at the moment. it seems to be a very confused situation. The IOM was a branch I believe of Iceland but we still don't know where the money is located. If I find out anything more i will let you know as soon as I can" ... and this is coming from within KSF! I will keep you all updated on any news I get.

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WOT NO team of spokespeople yet??

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  • Mon, 13/10/2008 - 01:31

Woken up to find no team. VERY disappointed.
What has happened to the "Voting for Spokespeople" thread?
I note that Expat has said he cannot afford to stay in IOM - for how long can he stay there?
I do not think the team needs to have alot of media exposure - adding to their stress - if they can maintain any good lines of contact -that is the main thing. Also they do not need to reveal their whole life etc- we have few enough possiblities as it is.
Be aware that today "other things" will be happening re. other BANKS.
Remember Mat Walker is in Australia and cannot go to IOM/UK.