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Posted: Thu, 29/01/2009 - 23:06

......that is the question. I am Guernsey born and bred but no longer have any idea how I should represent myself.

I have listed myself as a non-UK resident on the poll because my passport informs me that whilst I am British I have no rights in the UK or the EEC, like IOM natives. I invested my cash in the Offshore British Isles because UK banks will not accept my money (or not directly it seems!)

Is this confusing the general public and diluting our case? I think UK residents are being misled by the press that non-UK residents are at best tax exiles, at worst...who knows.

Would it be helpful for the poll to show British Isles but non-UK residents? Will this clarify the distribution of depositors?


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Guernsey Girl, I know what

  • go mann
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  • Sat, 31/01/2009 - 13:56

Guernsey Girl, I know what you mean. I don't think there are many people in the UK who understand the complexities of it all for people like you.

My wife and I are both English/British, and retired to Jersey in 2005.
We retained our long-time bank accounts in UK, which receive our UK job-related pensions.
However, anything new [such as a new savings account] now has to be offshore [e.g. KSFIOM].
We pay tax in the UK [on job pensions] and in JSY [on everything else].
We will both soon start getting our UK State Pensions - they will be paid into our UK bank, and then taxed by JSY.
Our passports are British, our driving licenses are JSY.
We are exempt from the EU in all its ghastly manifestations, and thus reclaim VAT from Internet shopping.

You are lucky - as a Guernsey resident you are totally foreign to everyone else, but at least you're working in a single entity!

UK Tax Exiles - No such thing

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  • Fri, 30/01/2009 - 01:14

Anyone living within the European Union countries has to by law either pass on all their financial details to their home country and declare their income, or accept European Union Savings Directive tax levies on their accounts. These levies are deducted at source, and according to a statement that I received today from Jersey, they are 20%.

I am a UK citizen, so the UK Government is already taking 20% of the income that I make on any savings (pittiful though it is thanks to the government lowering interest rates).

It vexes me that Alistair Darling had the gall to label those investing in offshore jurisdictions as tax dodgers - nothing could be further from the truth. It was mere spin to cover up the rat's nest that Mr Darling inadvertently created by freezing assets of several Icelandic banks. I say inadvertently, but perhaps it was part of a larger plot by Mr Darling to discredit the Isle of Man and to gain an excuse to charge Iceland 3 billion for transferring Kaupting(UK) customers to ING. Who knows whether there are any hidden agendas in all this - ie. Ministers standing to profit from the whole debacle and gain a share of the £550 million that Kaupthing(IOM) upstreamed to Kaupthing(UK). It wouldn't be the first time the government was guilty of corruption now would it ? I think it merits a public inquiry.