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Posted: Fri, 28/11/2008 - 17:48

In response to Coleridge's blog, I would confirm that even as expats, we are able to vote Brood and his Darling out, come election time. This is true of everybody who has been out of the UK less than 15 years, but even as I download the forms from the Foreign Office website, to register as an expat voter, I wonder who on earth to vote for. Brood and his poodle have done this to us, but Cameron and his little entourage of clones have, if anything, behaved just as badly. As HM opposition, all they had to do was speak up for us, but they have steadfastly refused to do this. Who does one vote for? LibDems (heaven forbid); BNP (ditto). Spoil one's vote? What's the point?

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Democracy is a bu66er! I know

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  • Fri, 28/11/2008 - 20:07

Democracy is a bu66er!

I know this is a side issue, but I have a strong feeling that the Tories would take a more sympathetic view towards people who actually HAVE money, whereas both Lab and LD would regard you as a "class traitor" or worse if you actually had savings. Far better that the "benefits society" should be controlled and managed than the overall economy. Whoops, I'm a Tory ;-)

Following our JSY Elections on Wednesday, I now have the comfort of knowing that all 3 of my political "representatives" are Far-Left, and thus do not give a sh1t about me or my personal issues. Still, at least this time they weren't shown on TV after the results, pi66ed and swearing as they were 3 years ago.

Good Post

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  • Fri, 28/11/2008 - 19:50

It is just too easy to think the Tories would have done anything differently/better for us. If so, why aren't they standing up for us now? It would be so easy for them to fight tooth and nail for us. They could justify this simply as being an effective opposition, but maybe we 'fat cats' (which most of us are not!) are not cuddly enough.

To be honest, I was a lifelong Labour voter before this and maybe if I lived in the UK and had not had this problem with Kaupthing I still would be. No-one in UK is losing their savings, thanks to government intervention and ours is just a small, diminishing sideshow.

I would like to think the government is not so calculating and ruthless to write us off as expats who don't tend to vote. I would like to think even now, they will be representing our cause in some quiet way behind the scenes with the icelandics/iom/others, but I am just not sure.

The Tories will not and should not represent us

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  • Sat, 29/11/2008 - 04:49


I believe that the Tories will not and should not represent us or back as a party issue. Why? Because thanks to the Labour party we are now wrongly perceived to be super rich, tax dodging, greedy, or whatever they care to spin about us to keep the KSFIoM issue off their backs. So the Tories need to be very careful as to how they would handle this and what, if any political benefit they would gain from supporting us. Hence the deafening silence from Cameron's and Osborne's offices. Labour meanwhile have successfully played their "offshore tax haven" and "IoM is nothing to do with us" cards.......

For the Tories to back us it could be perceived publicly that they were trying to defend their "super rich" tax dodging" "friends" and the Tories will not risk doing this particularly after Osborne's faux pas on the Russian's super-yacht recently. So politically they won't risk taking that chance at the moment. In this I would agree with them because it could actually backfire badly on all of us if they were to take this up as a cause. You can imagine the scenes at PMQs as Brown could create a lot of very negative sound bites against us via hitting at Cameron and the Tories, and severely damage our cause!

However there is without doubt good cross party support for our situation. There seem to be many MPs both understanding and sympathetic on all sides, particularly those with an innate sense of Justice. The likes of Michael Fallon (con) deputy chair of the Treasury committee is a man in particular who has shown his understanding of our issues and is someone we should be targeting. He is the one, you may remember who kept insisting, with good questions at the TSC meeting, that Darling was "washing his hands" of the situation!

We therefore need to keep the momentum up as we find out who are political allies are. Those sympathetic to us need to be mailed (not bombarded) with relevant and pertinent questions to be put to government, the treasury and so on. I believe that the solution to our problem is still very much political and that the government can be persuaded that there is an easy way out for themselves. As you suggest in a quiet way behind the scenes they may be looking for an out.

To me as a layman, the obvious and easy out would be for them to say, the KSFIoM money was held in the UK for safe-keeping in the crisis. That money is now being returned to depositors in full. The UK government gets huge kudos for it's "perceptive" and pro-active actions. The UK taxpayer has not had to bail out another bank but rather it has saved it due to the astute actions of HMG. Brown and Darling look like financial heroes! Problem over and they can finish off the creative accounting and legal paperwork behind the scenes afterwards.

Who do you vote for

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  • Fri, 28/11/2008 - 19:33

Check out this site to see who are asking the questions (and view HMG's replies)