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Posted: Thu, 09/07/2009 - 13:12

Somewhere (Manx Hearld I believe) I ready that some bigwig from the Isle of Man is in or recently went to the States to promote the IOM as a sound financial centre. We all know the truth of that don't we? The article said President Obama subscribes to Twitter so we could join that networking site in the hope that we can get Obama's attention - well, it's worth a try isn't it? So, I've joined and called myself IOMTWIT - because I am!

So, why don't some of you out there in the great big wide world also join Twitter and add your comments too - about our feelings about the Isle of Man. Lucky Jim has posted a comment about the Shelter Offshore publication [when I first saw that name I thought it referred to a homeless organisation and I thought how appropriate a name] being inundated with comments from IOM depositors like us writing negatively about the Isle of Man. Let more of us write to them again in the same vein. Try anything and everything. Peter and Louise (I think you are that combination of names) please don't give up trying to get people to demonstrate publicly with you - I would join you if I were in the London area or on the Isle of Man.

Bye for no.


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