Treasury Minister Allan Bell 'lashed' in Tynwald

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Posted: Fri, 26/06/2009 - 20:48

Dear All,
I've been away for a few days and when I returned my post included a copy of the Manx Independent for Friday 19 June.
In it was a report headed 'KSF plan wasn't a waste of cash'
Did any members read the report and has it already been mentioned?
I would like to include it here but I don't know how to scan and send to this Forum. Is it possible and if so can someone help? I'm sorry but at 70 years of age and registered blind any typing takes a long time. I get frustrated when I can't help the Cause especially as I worked on the IOM for some years.

What I can say is that all members of Tynwald are independent ie there is no party system as such. Consequently there is a certain amount of infighting. You can bet your life Messers Brown and Bell have enemies within Tynwald. It's just a case of finding out who they are and feeding them the ammunition.

In the press report Bell told Tynwald the Soa was drawn up...'in the best interests of the depositors and the Isle of Man's reputation' well we know the second part!

Bell was criticised by David Cannan MHK, Peter Karran MHK who claimed the scheme was never going to work to which Bell angrily replied ...' there was always the chance it wasn't going to work'... In Court I'm sure a good lawyer would take Bell apart over his SOA and that last statement.

I'm just a Pensioner with no money now except my State Pension and I'm probably in a minority of one but wouldn't the threat of Court action over the SOA and its costs stirr up greater anti-Bell feeling?

I'm sure there is a battle to be fought and won here.

Please, I'm not interested in votes as to how good my topic is.....I just want to help the Cause and need a bit of help myself from someone out there with a lot more knowledge of computers than me.

Thanks for reading it, it took me 50 minutes to type it letter by letter so if my topic is considered unworthy please keep the abusive replies to a minimum. There are too many abusive people out there and we all have enough to worry about.

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Alternative to a scanner

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  • Sat, 27/06/2009 - 13:53

There are fax-to-email services, I think DST have one set up - basically you send a fax and at the receiving end it's converted to a computer image, then normally forwarded via email. If it would be generally useful, I could look into setting something up, potentially having received faxes automatically posted on this site for access by members.

Alternative to a scanner

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  • Sat, 27/06/2009 - 15:30

ng,thanks for your reply
I felt that if, somehow replies from MP's could be posted onto this website I might be able to do the same with newspaper cuttings.
Perhaps those who scan and print MP's letters could give me some advice how it's done

I think you'll find that MHK

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  • Sat, 27/06/2009 - 03:42

I think you'll find that MHK Juan Watterson is also onto this issue, he has asked why the Nationalisation of the bank has been ruled out amongst other things, As I think investor0 posted recently there are MHKs on our side and they are asking difficult questions.

On the issue of computers, I am no expert, but I am now working with limited computer resources, which means I have to be a bit innovative at times, so if I can help please feel free to contact. On the scanner issue as expat13 said check you have the correct software installed and judging by a problem I had like that recently, that you know where to active it!

Juan Watterson MHK

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  • Sat, 27/06/2009 - 13:42

Hi expat
Thanks for the advice
I know a few MHK's and two or three MLC's I could ask them who Bells enemies are. With a £m pounds spent on the failed SOA he's bound to have enemies who want to embarrass him out of the government. Peter Karran MHK certainly reads like one who would like to get him to resign.

If we can get both MHK's and MLC's on our side and pose questions that would bring the IOM's much vaunted financial reputation into question we could make it difficult for both the IOMT and Tynwald with adverse press coverage on and off the IOM


Scanning Newspaper Article

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  • Fri, 26/06/2009 - 21:06

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Do you have a scanner connected to your computer and the relevant software installed? If you have a scanner I can try and walk you through it.

Scanning newspaper article

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  • Sat, 27/06/2009 - 13:27

Hi Expat 13
Yes I have a scanner on my HP Deskjet F4100 series printer
My computer is Windows Vista Home Premium

Can you tell me what software I need

Many thanks

scanning article

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  • Sun, 28/06/2009 - 14:15

Hi HB..I do a lot of scanning of documents and attaching them to e-mails..The software which came with your printer should enable you to do that. The basic procedure is to scan the document and then save the result as a file .Many different file formats are usually available..bmp,jpg,tif, etc etc although I favour pdf. The scan resolution + contrast should be set so as to produce a legible result . Then attach it to an e-mail.The bit I'm not clear about is who to e-mail it to in order to get it onto the site! Hope this helps in some small way