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Posted: Fri, 03/07/2009 - 08:19

This was in the Telegraph online yesterday on the personal finance page.

I intended to post it last night but left it until this morning. I now find that comments regarding that the depositors were unhappy with the various things regarding KSF IOM and the DCS etc. plus a sentence stating that 75% of depositors would get their money returned in full has been removed.
I wonder if they have been removed at the request of the IOM who obviously pay good money to the Telegraph for advertising. I have thought this for a long time that the Telegraph is reluctant to slate the IOM because of a possible loss of revenue.
It does make me think however that with this attitude we will never get a fair report in the national press.
I actually started investing in the Derbyshire IOM due to article in the Telegraph expat pages.

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