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I have searched the site and not found anything that looks like a cohesive strategy and tactics in one page. Lots of ideas, most good, but spread over the site. Could we perhaps have a comprehensive strategy in one place? The contacts page is full of chat - we need a straightforward table of contacts and contact information minus the chat.
In my experience, people only act when their money or power is at stake (hence this website). However, look at it from the point of view of opposing parties. What are they afraid of losing?

To get all, or most, of the money back that we deposited with KSF IOM

Strategic goal
- To persuade "authorities" to return the money

Viewpoint of IoM Authorities
- They are willing to lose one bank but not all of them
- Banking is a primary source of their economy and one they don't want to damage by inaction or sloth
- Their reputation is already damaged and they need damage control that restores confidence in their banks

- We need to point out the chances other banks will fail on the Isle of Man
- The IoM authorities have to become concerned about the consequences of depositors starting a run on all their banks, so we may need to make investors aware - not with the intention of needlessly frightening pensioners but to galvinate the IoM to see their livelhoods depend on more than fishing
- We need to make constructive suggestions to the IoM authorities, not just keep asking for help

- Write to as many authority figures as possible and actually tell them what we want them to do based on whatever other more experienced voices on this site suggest
Firstly, Her Majesty's representative:
Vice Admiral Sir Paul Kenneth Haddacks, KCB
Government House,
Governor's Road,
paul [dot] haddacks(?)cso [dot] gov [dot] im

Chief Executive, Board of Commissioners
john [dot] aspden(?)fsc [dot] gov [dot] im
The Ombudsman
ombudsman(?)iomoft [dot] gov [dot] im
Isle of Man Financial Supervision Commission - fsc(?)gov [dot] im

  • In response to a Written Question by Baroness Strange (May 2000) enquiring as to the meaning and scope of the Crown's responsibility for the good government of the Crown Dependencies, Lord Bach, for the Government, replied 'The Crown is ultimately responsible for the good government of the Crown Dependencies. This means that, in the circumstances of a grave breakdown or failure in the administration of justice or civil order, the residual prerogative power of the Crown could be used to intervene in the internal affairs of the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Thus, in order to encourage the UK government that the Isle of Man administration has broken down, write to:
    crown [dot] dependencies(?)justice [dot] gsi [dot] gov [dot] uk
    telephone 020 7210 2603

Viewpoint of the UK
- They may see us as foreign tax dodgers but essentially they don't want a run on other banks either
- Having impoverished many, the last thing New Labour or the Conservatives want is a load of former expats returning to the UK to live off state welfare - most especially if Brits married to foreigners try to take their whole families back and expect the local authorities to pay for a roof over their heads
- The ministers involved dont want us to keep pointing out the incongruities in their public announcements
- They don't want to lose their seats in an election

- Instill some doubt that the authorities are willing to assist anyone whose money is offshore yet still within the UK
- Bring the reputation of all related government authorities into doubt
- Point out the cost of thousands of impoverished British citizens and their families returning to the UK to live on the social services
- Immediate and extended families need to be brought into the picture
- Bring to the attention of the Derbyshire that they did perhaps not have the best interests of depositors when they sold to KSF

- We need to collect all the dubious quotations we can into one place (date, event, person) and make them available to everyone in emails pointing out that the authorities may be less than responsible in their duties
- Whoever is in a position to become a member of a political party should consider doing so
- Those who are British and who do not have a fixed abode in the UK need to find out from their local embassy how they can register (or not - I haven't a clue if we are allowed to vote if we do not have homes there). Your ability to vote is both a carrot and stick
- We need to write to the Conservatives and other opposition MPs first as it is in their political (i.e. power) interests to get more votes
David Cameron - camerond(?)parliament [dot] uk

And write to the government
UK Treasury Ministers - ministers(?)hm-treasury [dot] gsi [dot] gov [dot] uk
UK Treasury Public enquiries - public [dot] enquiries(?)hm-treasury [dot] gsi [dot] gov [dot] uk

You can now both create and sign petitions to the PM on this website
No one has yet commenced one on our behalf that I could find. A new petition may be phrased as "The UK government must return the funds owed to depositors of Kaupthing Singer and Friedlander (Isle of Man) Limited immediately and in full."
This would require quite a few thousand signatories to cause a stir. As it is an open petition, it can be signed by relatives, friends, colleagues or anyone that believes in the cause.

  • All members of immediate and extended families should be asked to write to their local MP (if resident in the UK) asking what is being done to assist their loved ones; there should be no doubt about which way they those family members will vote if no action is forthcoming

  • A hard copy petition can be made to present to 10 Downing St or even the Palace if we need the publicity. My understanding is that a petition could be made up of thousands of letters, not necessarily one long sheet as is the tradition; we just need a central address to write to. A template header on each letter signifies it is part of the petition.)

  • I suggest someone in London set up a PO Box address

  • Write to Her Majesty the Queen - I am convinced that if enough of her subjects are being put upon by her government, she will at least ask the Prime Minister to explain the situation to her, which in itself is embarrassing
    Her Majesty The Queen
    Buckingham Palace
    London SW1A 1AA

  • Contact the Derbyshire in great numbers asking them to clarify their position
    Chief Executive Graham Picken through Rob Hill/ Corporate Communications Manager
    Direct: 01332 844497
    Mobile: 07711 209847
    E-mail: rob [dot] hill(?)thederbyshire [dot] co [dot] uk

Jon Smart/ Press Officer
Direct: 01332 844652
Mobile: 07968 589350
E-mail: jonathan [dot] smart(?)thederbyshire [dot] co [dot] uk
Chief Executive Graham Picken

  • Elsewhere it has been mentioned that we should cease contacting the media due to the risk of them becoming bored with the story, but there may be some very special stories still to be made about anyone having particular problems; moreover, the media in the country where you are an expat may be interested (many will find it fascinating that the UK government would do this to its citizens as most assume the British look after their own)
  • If you have tried to get the media interested but failed, remember that they are only interested in real tragedies - if you are wiped out financially they may not be interested, but if your spouse has been hospitalised through stress they might show interest

In the UK:
Radio 4 Today program -
SKY News - news(?)sky [dot] com
Channel 4 News - news(?)channel4 [dot] com
BBC Working Lunch - working [dot] lunch(?)bbc [dot] co [dot] uk
ITN - news(?)itn [dot] co [dot] uk
Press Association -
Times Online newsdesk - news(?)timesonline [dot] co [dot] uk
Times "Your Money" - weekend [dot] money(?)thetimes [dot] co [dot] uk
Times Business - business(?)thetimes [dot] co [dot] uk
Telegraph Editorial - telegrapheditorial(?)telegraph [dot] co [dot] uk
Guardian Money - money(?)guardian [dot] co [dot] uk
Guardian Weekly (Expat) editor - anna [dot] bruce-lockhart(?)guardian [dot] co [dot] uk

Viewpoint of Iceland
- For the same reason we want the British government to put the offshore British first (if you don't believe this, don't read it), they have to put their nationals first, so some sympathy with their situation is needed
- They are fully aware that their nation requires other industries beside fishing
- They have enough problems without foreigners making things worse
- They need to borrow money and they don't want foreigners getting in the way of their recovery
- They will only fulfill their obligations to foreigners if they see some advantage to that
- If South American countries were able to escape their obligations in the past (see Argentina) then why shouldn't they?

- Let Iceland know we are here are cannot be ignored
- Put their attempts to raise money into doubt if the depositors on IoM are not recompensed
- Ask them to suggest to us ways that we can help them to help us; we need them to be sympathetic towards us

- Contact as many members of the Icelandic government as possible and point out that one day their economy will recover but who will invest in them if they do not fulfill their responsibilities today
- Tell them you will plan at least one vacation in Iceland to assist the economiuc recovery
thback(?)althingi [dot] is
geir(?)althingi [dot] is
valgsv(?)althingi [dot] is
sturla(?)althingi [dot] is
arj(?)althingi [dot] is
ko(?)althingi [dot] is
ems(?)althingi [dot] is
khg(?)althingi [dot] is

  • We need to find out if there are any Icelanders who had money in the IoM and ask them to talk directly to the local MPs

  • We need to contact the IMF, which going to lend Iceland money are ask that it be made a part of the contract that Iceland fulfill its parental obligations to IoM depositors
    publicaffairs(?)imf [dot] org
    mschrader(?)imf [dot] org

  • Iceland is a part of NATO, so make them aware of how one member is financially destroying another member
    natodoc(?)hq [dot] nato [dot] int

Iceland is a member of The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
One of its duties is to discover terrorist financing. Write to them and inform them of how the British government has indirectly added Iceland to the list of terrorist nations
OSCE Secretariat
Wallnerstrasse 6
1010 Vienna
Tel: +43 1 514 36 6000
Fax: +43 1 514 36 6996
Online e-mail:
Or try:
info(?)osce [dot] org

Iceland is also a member of the Council of Europe; a few hundred e-mails in this direction informing of the desultory manner in which Iceland has been treated can't hurt:

In Paris
55, avenue Kléber
F - 75784 Paris Cedex 16
Tel. +33 (0)1 44 05 33 60
Fax +33 (0)1 47 27 36 47
Email : bureau [dot] paris(?)coe [dot] int

In Brussels (Liaison office with the EU)
12, avenue Tervuren
B - 1040 Brussels
Tel. +32 2 230 41 70
Fax +33 2 230 94 62
Email : bureau [dot] bruxelles(?)coe [dot] int

In Strasbourg
Avenue de l’Europe
67075 Strasbourg Cedex
Tel. +33 (0)3 88 41 20 00

Council of Europe Treaty Office
treaty [dot] office(?)coe [dot] int

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Strategies and demos

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  • Sun, 09/11/2008 - 06:53

I would agree that a demo or two may attract attention. I am sure many based close to London would be willing but many of us are thousands of miles away. Again, if done, it would be necessary for depositors to ask their families and friends to join so the numbers are up. I see nothing wrong with non-depositors being asked to support us.

Demonstration is a must

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  • Sun, 09/11/2008 - 01:28

I have tried to gauge support for a Demo but not many takers.
This need to happen as it shows people are desperate for action.Letters are a cooler way of voicing concerns