Standing in SOLIDARITY we will win this fight for justice

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Posted: Fri, 08/05/2009 - 08:43

My post today in the Manx Herald in response to a hard-hitting article:

"The IoM Government is certainly 'scheming'. On 3 February Tony Brown told the UK Treasury Select Committeee that it would be implementing its well-proven Depositors' Compensation Scheme. Then why hasn't he done it?. On 18 February the British PM said that in the light of the financial crisis it was imperative that all governments vouchsafe savings on deposit in their banks, & that without the basic principle of TRUST the banking system would fail.

This is now pan-European policy. Then why is the IoM government the only one not to have sorted out the problem in respect of KSFIOM ? Simple answer is it has the means to make up the shortfall to restore ALL savings 100% but it doesn't want to do it! It offers NOTHING over and above what liquidation would provide, ie: restoration of what bank assets can be recovered.

It has spent £1,000,000 of taxpayers money on a convoluted scheme that has made absolutely certain in legal mumbo-jumbo that the government holds all the cards.

The whole sordid business is a total travesty of justice & abrogates any claim the government makes to preside with integrity over a reputable financial services industry.

I believe the industry itself should now tell the government 'you are bahaving out of sink with our own ethical banking principles' "

Jim for Justice

It is very important that members take every opportunity to have their views expressed in the media. We can see that dishonesty & corruption and all sorts of activity that undermines people's human rights is going on in high places on the Island & in the UK.
The IoM government is in the wrong but it thinks it can use 'big brother' tactics - like those that we saw to put down the people in the former communist States - to crush the legitimate claims of members of this DAG.

The DAG standing in SOLIDARITY can win this fight for justice to be done.

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