Some Thoughts on the JLs Progress Report dated 9.1.2013

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Posted: Fri, 22/02/2013 - 15:49

Hi Folks,

Posting my thoughts on the JLs Progress Report dated 9.1.2013.

Full of important info including slight increase in hoped for dividend to 4p/£ during first half of 2013. I still think 5p/£ feasible if E&Y (KSFUK) give us a dividend of at least 3p/£ back to our JLs around April/May.

Slight increase in lower estimated returns from KSFIOM loan book, but a slight lowering in the higher expected returns.

Slight increase in overall lower estimated returns to creditors, but higher estimate of 99.0% stays the same.

I think we are still on target for betwen 98-100% returns.

I will update my Table 13 based on this Progress Report and now look forward to the JLs February, March and April figures, plus E&Y's (KSFUK) April Progress Report and any update on their next dividend to our JLs.

Lots of info in my attachment, my apologies to you all, but you cannot condense 25 pages into 4 without having a mass of figures.

Take care,

Gordon 45

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