Some thoughts on JLs July 2010 figures

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Posted: Sun, 22/08/2010 - 17:02

Hi Everyone,

Just posting my thoughts on the July 2010 figures, along with a few other thoughts. Having looked at the July data and ptogress report have finished this post. Have also now modified my Table 9 data based on the progress report will slightly change my cover note to go with Table 9, will slightly rejig my questions to hopefully ask the JL. Will then try and contact the JL with a view to getting answers to all/some of the questions then post my Table 9 for all to see.

My data on the July figures is again shown as an attachment in order to save the format of my info. Hope none of you mind me doing this.

Again thoughts I must stress are my own and could be totally wrong. And some or all of you may disagree with what I say, and that I understand entirely.

As always,

Take care and God bless,

Gordon 45

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