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Posted: Wed, 05/11/2008 - 16:44

Following our e-mails, letters & lobbying MP's will be looking for guidance & direction from the mechanisms of Parliament

So they will be issued with (or seek) a brief on the background to this whole saga.

They will want to believe that the brief they have is 'gospel'...

Ooooh! I would just LOVE to have sight of any brief they receive !

Those MP's in marginal seats will be studying the brief more closely than the others.
They will be looking at whether the parliamentary brief they have been given correlates with what we have been telling them. If they see that the 'whole truth' of what we say rings truer than anything in their brief which looks like being a brief that is 'economical with the truth', they will smell...er......a bad smell !

Those MP's who truly want to represent their constituents caught up in this mess will stand up & be counted. They will want to be heard in any debate (except an Adjournment debate when only 1 MP may speak) & might quote what their constituents are saying about what has befallen them.

The rest will probably accept the brief as 'gospel' & toe the party line...

Churchill said something along the lines that democracy isn't perfect but it's the best thing we've got.

I hope that enough MP's will truly speak up for us & demonstrate that Parliamentary democracy is in fact working for us!

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