A small group of COOPERATIVE and determined people can change the course of history

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Posted: Sat, 27/06/2009 - 16:02

This is a message of gratitude and hope for DAG who have worked so hard to make networking possible, for the person that has organised and maintains the web page and for an individual member who helped me this morning.

I deposited my money in Derbyshire because, they gave me good customer service and it was an ethical buiding society. Luckily, I was able to buy my tiny home in Bath UK, before the collapse. But, I left my savings, under the £50000 category, in KSF for rainy days!

Currently, I am applying for jobs because my temporary contract is coming to an end.

Today, my faith in the power of honest and positive individuals working towards an objective, was renewed.

A fellow depositor, who I have never met in my life, gave me 30' of his time, to help me understand what rights I would be assigning to the compensation scheme manager of the IOM, if I applied for compensation.

As a single parent, I choose to exchange my right to vote in order to be included in the first payment of compensation.

Nevertheless, to indicate my solidarity with DAG, when I post the form, I will also include a letter asking the scheme manager to refrain from using the voting rights acquired, to vote against you.

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