Site Needs a "LOBBY LIST"

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Posted: Mon, 08/12/2008 - 13:35

Members are really starting to be proactive in finding new sites to lobby. Some really useful sites have been mentioned in posts, but are a burried in the middle of hundreds of posts on here.

I would like to suggest that we create a central list of people, politicians, media addresses etc that we can lobby. As far as I'm concerned we need to make it easy for folk on here to go straight to the place where they need to be to do their lobbying, eg.

panorama(?)bbc [dot] co [dot] uk - Panorama Programme email address. - BBC R4 Kaupthing blogg.

etc etc

What I would like to see is the full web link to the locations where posts can be left - we don't have the time to keep searching for these addresses manually - we should be concentrating our energy in lobbying, not finding out who or where to lobby.

It's important for us all to be able to go straight to where we need to do our lobbying, so that many of us can start to hit them hard with posts and emails.

Is one of the developers on here able to set up a list that will always be visible and readily accessible without us having to search for that also ?

People could add to the list by clicking a link and pasting a web link or email address along with a short description . Please could developers discuss the feasibility and usefulness of this. I'm convinced it would raise the volume of communication with the outside world because contact information would be in one place.

Regards, Colin

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Lobby list + stories/photos depository

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  • Mon, 08/12/2008 - 16:29

I'm in full agreement. There are many depositors on this site who would welcome a lobby list. I think a draft text to start them off would also be appreciated. Many, like me, do not have an MP to write to and would welcome suggested alternative targets.

Someone elsewhere on the site mentioned a more 'visual' approach, that is using stories accompanied by pictures of the people who are really suffering. If someone wanted to send their story with pictures where should they send them? This has to be from or through a coordinated centre where there are facilities to approach media and to provide them with copy, photos and possibly interviewees.

Thanks ACTION group for all your efforts.