Sending letters to MPs and other parties, the hi-tech way

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Posted: Thu, 26/02/2009 - 10:31

It's a shame I didn't think of this a few months ago, but ok, better late than never...

Clearly over the months many of us have sent one or more letters to MPs and in some cases the media, etc. I think most people will agree, although we're a lot further forward, we need to continue lobbying. I'm sure if you stopped someone in the street in London as asked them what the thought about the KSFIoM situation, the result would be "Who?". So, it seems we need to continue, and probably widen the target audience to include European government bodies and perhaps even further afield (Iceland?).

So, how about:

  • Send letters directly from this web-site and/or from your email.
  • Letters can be standard text and standard addressee (so all you need to do is click "send") or editable text and/or editable address, so a bit like posting in the forum (fill-in the form, press send.)
  • Can also send letters as faxes rather than physical mail (faster and much cheaper.)

I am looking in to this now. I've found one service provider who can do this for us, and hope I might find one or more alternatives which can either offer more flexibility or lower prices. The one I have is physically in the US, so the letters themselves will go out by airmail from the US. One good thing about this supplier is they provide development support, put simply help and services via which I can integrate their service into our web-site. I'm still negotiating prices, but it looks like it would cost about a pound per letter, with similar prices to send to other countries (sending to the US would be much cheaper.) Faxing is much cheaper, maybe 10p a page or less.

Issues to overcome:

  • Data privacy

Obviously such letters would normally show your address as the sender, so that would have to be input, so data protection and privacy issues come up. Possible solutions: Use an email interface only - send from your email program, you address details never get sent to this site. The service provider themselves would receive it, by they have very stringent privacy policies (logically, otherwise their business couldn't work.) Another possibly acceptable solution may be to show only name and location, not full address. This reduces the exposure - you could still include email address as a potential route to receiving a reply.

  • Signature

Legally (correct me if I'm wrong) I believe that you can sign a letter anyway you like, so long as it's not fraudulent etc. So my plan would be to use a simulated signature, i.e. a graphic image - it could be based on your initials, for example. Clearly this would not be good if the letters were intended for legal purposes, but this is basically a publicity exercise.

  • Possible ignoring of letters as "duplicates"

The external appearance of each letter will be the same, as they are all mass-produced by the service provider on fully automated systems. So, if 1000 people sent a letter to single target on the same day, that party would receive 1000 apparently identical letters, possibly all on the same day! This effect might be useful, could work against us - letters might be ignored, so largely wasted effort. We would probably need to think about how to manage the sending to avoid the effect, i.e. spread it over time, or possibly make small variations in the address. Not a huge problem I don't think.


Clearly there are issues to overcome, but I really like the idea of much easier letter sending. If 2500 DAG members each invest just 20 pounds to send the letters, some 50,000 letters go out, or maybe half a million faxes!

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A good idea

  • lorraine
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  • Thu, 26/02/2009 - 13:49

There are drawbacks as you point out but I certainly send less letters than I could because I don't always know what to write.

However you begin your message by saying:

I'm sure if you stopped someone in the street in London as asked them what the thought about the KSFIoM situation, the result would be "Who?".

The 'man in the street' doesn't necessarily read financial pages, isn't an expat but does vote. As you say most of them have no awareness of our situation, if they do they either think everyone has been repaid in full from banking collapses or that people who banked in the IOM are tax dodgers at best and crooks at worst. These are the people that we need to inform. With their support GB and ID may be more inclined to do something to help us - can they afford to lose any more votes?

There are three ways to reach the man in street:
1. by email circulars
2. by demonstration (march, walk, long term protest etc. with flyers)
3. via the popular press - not the financial pages. Local interest, womens magazines etc.

As I've said before I am willing to take part in any reasonably legal demonstration of any type. I've suggesting ideas such as walking 550miles (individually or in relays); releasing 550 balloons each bearing a personal story (ideally at the same time in different cities). I'm sure others can come up with something better.

550 mile relay, or balloons?

  • adambw
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  • Fri, 27/02/2009 - 06:12

Lorraine, love your idea of a 550 mile relay walk. Not easy for me here in Botswana (!), but I'd certainly take part in June when I hope to be in UK. But we hope to have a 'scheme' where we all due to get 100% back by then, don't we. 550 balloons might easiler, and also a really good idea. Effective marketing, marketing, marketing would be the key to any such activities. Good luck with any initiatives and I will do whatever is possible from here.

I like the idea

  • bellyup
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  • Thu, 26/02/2009 - 11:23

I like the idea of inundating Mr B and Mr D in letters.

ng - KSFIoM DAG logo

  • kiwi38
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  • Thu, 26/02/2009 - 11:23

On a similar theme is there an easy way for me, and anyone else who wants to, to copy the KSFIoM DAG logo so that we can include it on any e-mails, faxes or letters that we send? My view is that personalised letters are better than 100 that are all the same however if we could include the logo in each piece of correspondence that is an easy way of getting the bulk recognition that our messages are all coming from the same cause / team.

DAG logo graphic

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  • Thu, 26/02/2009 - 12:16

The logo and header as you see it on the public site is at I didn't do the graphic design work, so don't have the original source files, which means I can only do limited editing and can't produce a high resolution version for printing. However, I've done some tweaks to make a version more suitable for paper and placed here