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Like most forums this Forum has aims, objectives and a Mission

Members are expected to make contributions in conformity with the Forum's aims, objectives & Mission.

-- the Forum is not a 'free for all' place where 'anything goes'
-- the Forum is regulated by commonly accepted forum etiquette
-- the Forum has moderators to ensure that Forum etiquette is followed

Forum etiquette

(1) Posts are about, & in support of, the Forum's aims, objectives & mission
(2) comments to Posts are in response to the Post & address the issues therein
(3) comments under a Post that are not about or related to the Post are not acceptable
'(4) trolling' is not allowed (see definition below)
(5) 'flaming' is not allowed (see definition below)
(6) the use of vulgar/obscene/offensive/racist or insulting language is not allowed


A 'troll' is invariably someone with 'a chip on their shoulder' or with 'an axe to grind'. 'Trolls' are a disruptive & divisive influence in a forum.
'Trolls' seduce forum members into responding angrily to their contributions by using subtle, but controversial language.
Trolls' will often divert a discussion off track in order to impose their own separate agenda.

To 'flame' another forum member is to attack them or their ideas which they have posted in a hostile and rantish fashion.

Role of moderator

Essentially the moderator polices the Forum to:
(1) see that forum etiquette is observed
(2) deal with incidents of 'trolling' & 'flaming'
(3) edit/modify or delete offending material & breaches of etiquette
(4) receive & act on complaints made by one member in repect of another member's post/behaviour

NB: In this Forum moderators are also editors, exercising wider responsibilities for modifying & revising elements of the Forum to keep them up-to-date (eg: revising the notes under HELP! )

L J -- admin'/editor/moderator

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