Retail v Wholesale Depositors - who much of each ??

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Posted: Mon, 08/12/2008 - 10:11

Does anybody have any idea as to the breakdown between Retail and Wholesale depositors ??
The UK Government has only EVER offered 100% coverage of the deposits of retail depositors ie: individual/joint account holders.
They have not offered any compensation for wholesale depositors ie: institutional depositors, Charities, companies etc
If the IOM governement was looking at offering 100% compensation then they cant be considering covering more that just the retail depositors surely, but do we have any idea how many of the accounts and how much of the deposits relate to retail depositors ??
I know that a number of people had bond investments through Insurance companies, Axa, Skandia etc but I think these would fall under the wholesale depositors and would not have been covered in the KSF Uk administration.
Obviously 100% for all is still the requirment but as time progresses I fear that is now unlikely.

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Reatil vs Wholsesale

  • BustedFlat
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  • Mon, 08/12/2008 - 10:26

The following has already been posted a couple of times ...

"Tynwald was told that the number of individuals with cash deposits in KSF (IoM) totalled 8,168 and the bank's liabilities totalled £821 million, of which £160 were joint accounts, £275 million was sole accounts and £386 million was in corporate and trust accounts."

third time lucky

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  • Mon, 08/12/2008 - 11:35

Thanks BustedFlat for posting this a third time - I missed it previously.

8,168 of us? That's a lot. Where are we all?
liabilities £821m
so an average of about £100,000 per depositor,
so the compensation scheme of £50,000 per depositor means a 50% return for most depositors.

Oh no it doesn't!

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  • Mon, 08/12/2008 - 11:44

"so the compensation scheme of £50,000 per depositor means a 50% return for most depositors."

Oh no it doesn't!..
Company accounts, like mine, will only get (in theory) 20k and anyone who had less than 50k will get what they had in and the unfortunate folks with no account, but money there through an insurance company etc. will get 20k to share between them per company.. about tuppence ha'penny..