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Posted: Mon, 19/01/2009 - 10:34

I have made a new topic as I don't want this to get lost in the body of another.

I 100% agree with the suggestion that the IoM Government needs a wake-up call. I have a suggestion, but I do not have the necessary skills personally to carry this forward.

How about a website is created, detailing the perils of depositing and investing in the Isle of Man? How about this website showing what has happened to us, the woeful response by the IoM Government whilst other governments in the world are busily protecting depositors and the effect this has had on pensioners and others for whom the money lost fulfilled their basic needs? Then, rather than publish the website, it is forwarded to members of the Tynwald, the relevant insurance companies, the Manx newspaper and other appropriate players as a warning of what we will do unless the situation is tackled to our satisfaction.

I feel this might be the kick up the backside that is needed. Please, members of the core team, let us have your views on this.

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How about a petition to the IOM Government

  • SusanfromBC
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  • Tue, 20/01/2009 - 00:44

to demand that they take action to pay back all depositors?

To make the petition more user friendly and viral, I suggest that you look at what the AVAAZ.org has done to get people to sign theirs about the GAZA strip. This was sent to me in an email and I have copied an excerpt showing their sign up page below:

"Enough is enough: these civilian deaths can't go on, and we can't let Bush and co block a fair, negotiated ceasefire. 250,000 of us have signed the ceasefire petition, let's make it half a million -- we'll publish it in a hard-hitting ad in the Washington Post and deliver it in meetings with UN Security Council members -- follow the link below to see the ad, sign the petition, and forward this message to all your friends and family:


Thanks to diver, and all the DAG movers and shakers for your excellent work!

Adverse publicity campaign . . .

  • drglowry
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  • Tue, 20/01/2009 - 00:02

I think that IOM and UK governments are planning to leave us destiture and are depending on the KSFIOM debacle "blowing over".

Gazfuk has made a good suggestion. Any similar web site would have to be accompanied by an assurance that is believed by the IOM Government that members of the DAG will make it their business to pubilcise the screwing we recieved through viral means, on a sustained basis, such that enough "doubt" is created that depositors and investors in other "non-failed" banks will move their funds elsewhere, fearing that they may be "next." I, for one, will have little else to do, once KSFIOM / IOMGov / UKGov have taken my life / retirement savings. I will be able to afford internet service, but will not be able to afford much else, certainly not the activities that I had planned and saved for in retirement.

God help us!