Rationalize approach to MPs

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Posted: Tue, 28/10/2008 - 11:22

I've emailed MPs steadily over the past two days, and mostly get the letter bounced back on account of my not being in their constituencies.

We are of course doing this along with other issues and questions raised, but how about we each lobby the MP we're closest to and ask them to raise two simple questions:

Why was our money transferred to UK?
When and how can we have it returned to KSFIOM?

If we all do this succinctly, then the question may be forwarded to the Government equally succinctly, in considerable numbers.

It seems like KSFIOM closed for simple reason of sudden lack of assets, and we know who has them. Now that those who have them can see the unexpected effect, you'd have thought they'd have the decency to return them!

I'm flagging here. Reading the messages and views, and feel there are fewer updates coming through.

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Don't believe that your MP will read your letter or e-mail!

  • nelson
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  • Tue, 28/10/2008 - 19:33

I don't want to discourage anyone from writing if they can't get to see a politician in person, as the overall weight of correspondence helps to keep the pressure up, but please bear in mind that there is very little chance that your MP will ever see what you have written. Speaking as someone with a view of the workings of Whitehall, I know that your reply will be written by a member of the administrative staff, whose job is to give you a reply, not to consider the points which you have made. This is why so many of the letters received are identical. If your MP considers you important enough, he/she might personally sign the reply, but they are still extremely unlikely to have read either your letter or the reply written on their behalf. If you write again, pointing out that the reply did not answer your points, you will receive another reply from the same member of the administrative staff.
The only way to get your point across to an MP is to see them in person. I suggest going armed with printouts containing as much factual information as possible, and that you only try to get one point across, otherwise they are likely to ignore the major question and reply to some side issue. I think the major question is "When does the UK intend to give back those assets belonging to KSF IoM, which have been frozen in the UK?" and that we need to put a question along those lines to the Treasury Select Committee.

The problem being faced is

  • go mann
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  • Tue, 28/10/2008 - 15:42

The problem being faced is the simple mechanics of UK Govt ...

  1. MPs represent their own constituency, and not just anyone who chooses to write to them. Contact Conservatives Abroad ... regardless of your political inclinations, THEY are the route into HM Loyal Opposition!

  2. The massive amount of correspondence that hits an MP every day can never in a million years allow a personalised response. It's simply not practical; they'll play "catch-up" later if they have the time.

  3. If you have ANY personal knowledge of an MP, or a linked organisation [charity or whatever] you might get a bit of leverage. Otherwise, see 1. above.

broke1's idea has merit?

  • adambw
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  • Tue, 28/10/2008 - 15:30

I have also had David Cameron's standard letter and also replies from other MPs. Whilst we're making points, their polite replies are frankly wishy-washy. Maybe broke1's suggested simple questions seem to have merit? ie simply ask:
Why was our money transferred to UK?
When and how can we have it returned to KSFIOM?

Any suggestions for other, or refined, simple bullet points/question to fire off?

Letter to our MP

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  • Tue, 28/10/2008 - 14:53

We have just written to our MP for North Antrim (Dr. Ian Paisley). He is someone who will 'fight the good fight' on our behalf I hope. I would urge everyone to keep writing to their MPs.


  • librasaver
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  • Tue, 28/10/2008 - 12:10

When writing to the MP for the area where I last lived, I offered-(pledged) £25000 to HM Government if they recovered my lifes' savings from Iceland and the IOM. If the alternative is to lose the lot, I would be prepared to go even higher. I am sure HM Government will see things differently if it is trying to recover some of its' own funds.
Look at the expense they went to to get the Falklands back!
Does anyone else share this view? If enough of their OWN money was at stake- perhaps they would act on the incentive. If that does not get Mr Brown's attention, maybe a pledge to the Labour Party will?
I simply cannot afford to lose everything, and an too old to find employment again.