Quiz H. Sants

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Posted: Mon, 17/08/2009 - 10:49

Timesonline invites its readers to send questions which they want to ask H. Sants, FSA's CEO. They will pick the best ones and publish the answers.

Link is www.timesonline.co.uk/asktheboss

Deadline is TONIGHT. This is an excellent opportunity to getting some more visibility.

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Sants question

  • mikeinfrance
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  • Mon, 17/08/2009 - 20:19

I submitted the following:

What does Mr Sants have to say about the following extract from evidence provided to the Treasury Select Committee Banking Crisis sessions, by Tony Shearer ex Chief Executive of Singer and Friedlander, and does he concede that the FSA failed miserably to protect more than 10,000 depositors in KSFIOM who have been directly affected by the FSAs decision to ignore Tony Shearer and permit Kaupthing to take over Singer & Friedlander, and then to fail to regulate it properly ?
Tony Shearer said:
“In April or possibly March 2008 I saw Mr Sants on television before a House of Commons Committee. He said that Northern Rock was the only instance of regulatory failure at the FSA. I wrote to him on 8th April 2008 suggesting that this was not the case, and that he arrange for somebody to review the files relating to Kaupthing and its acquisition of Singer & Friedlander. I received a rather pompous reply dated 13th May from a Ms Dunn. I wrote again to Mr Sants on 27th May but never received a response”

Quiz H Sants

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  • Mon, 17/08/2009 - 11:50

Done .. come on everybody this is a great opportunity!

For what it's worth

  • Wanda
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  • Mon, 17/08/2009 - 13:28

This is my contribution to Quiz H Sants:

"I would like to know if you will be investigating the role that the Derbyshire Building Society played in this debacle when they sold us down the river to what was clearly an unstable Icelandic bank. Their use of hardsell tactics and their emphasis on the 100% parental guarantee (not worth the paper on which it was written) ensured that we would be herded like sheep over to these Viking Raiders. They then systematically robbed thousands of depositors of their lifesavings and now expect to walk away from their obligations. Unacceptable!"

Done! Sir, will you be

  • Lucky Jim
  • 13/10/08 31/05/09
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  • Mon, 17/08/2009 - 11:42


Sir, will you be opposing a public inquiry into the part played by Alistair Darling, HM Treasury and the FSA that led to the collapse of Kaupthing Isle of Man that lost half its assets in KSFUK when it went into administration October 2008?

I asked ..

  • steveservaes
  • 13/10/08 31/05/09
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  • Mon, 17/08/2009 - 20:44

whether my conspiracy theory is true: that Darling leaned on IOM to get the KSFUK transfer done, since transferring it outside the group may have sunk the group and led to collapse of UK banking system

Having written to the FSA

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  • Tue, 18/08/2009 - 16:52

Having written to the FSA many times and been consistently told that the matter at hand is not in the public interest to divulge information, perhaps Mr Sants could answer the following:
1 Why did the FSA stop co-operating/talking to the IoM s FSC over a week before the UK branch of KSF went into administration
2 How long had the FSA known of the unorthodox dealings of Kauthing and why didn't they take action earlier?
3 If they didn't know why not?
4 What was the role played by HM Treasury and the Ministry of Justice in the conversations, both before and after the collapse of KSF, with the IoM authorities?
5 Why do the FSA consider this debacle not to be a regulatory failure when it patently is?