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Posted: Fri, 23/01/2009 - 17:01

Arguably long overdue,

Please read it, and notify me of any concerns or discrepancies. Definition is a bit of a problem - the DAG is made up of members here, so whilst I would hope that all members will adhere to our privacy policy in terms of their contact with other members and any personal information they may obtain, in practice the privacy statement relates to how our web sites should be operated and nothing more. Those legal folks here, please help out where you can.

Clearly I cannot take any responsibility for actions of any other DAG members, nor any third parties who might potentially and necessarily have access to our server. Nonetheless I take whatever measures are practical to help ensure that the policy is adhered to, for the benefit of all our members.

third parties who might potentially and necessarily have access to our server - primarily means our hosting provider - - they are a professional organisation and operate their own strict rules regarding any access to clients' data. Specifically they do not access our server without our permission, which we would not normally give. But suppose um, something happened to me, then somebody else in the DAG would have to contact them to regain access. At the end of the day, it's all about who you feel you can trust, and our privacy statement is a "best efforts" thing.

We limit data collected to the bare minimum so as to minimise any potential risk. All we really know about you, other than what you say in the forums and polls etc, is your email address and your answer, if given, to the "a depositor or not" question. Please don't point out shortcomings unless you have a practical proposal as to how they might be resolved. Thanks!

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