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Posted: Thu, 01/09/2011 - 09:36

Information received from PSG:


The directors of the Premier Low Risk Fund plc launched the fund’s marketing drive on the 1st October 2001.
One of their targets were old age pensioners retired to live in Spain: and to assist them in persuading these vulnerable people into transferring their life savings directly into the Premier bank account the directors entered into terms of business with a hotchpotch of unqualified and unregulated persons who Premier’s directors described as “professional” investment advisors.

Premier’s directors supplied these totally incompetent agents with the Premier Fund’s highly misleading marketing documents and paid them undisclosed commissions via secretive Caribbean shell companies. The directors also failed to disclose to the pensioners that they would be forced to pay a “redemption penalty” of up to 30% of their savings before they could rescue their money.

A High Court judge described the investment strategy as used by Premier as very “High Risk” and said that to call it anything else is to “recklessly mislead the public”. Trading under a false name is a criminal offence.

Over the last 10 years the performance of the Premier Fund has been worse than abysmal and any feeble progress is entirely due to the huge and illegal charges levied on desperate pensioners seeking to retrieve what is left of their life savings.

The Premier Shareholders Group (PSG) will mark Premier’s 10th Anniversary with a major website based campaign to draw the world’s attention to the deceitful and worthless Isle of Man government and its feeble regulatory regime.
Also to the equally corrupt governments of Jersey and Guernsey where Premier’s partners in deception, the Royal Bank of Scotland International and BNP Paribas, are based.

The PSG will continue to do everything possible to bring these three islands into disrepute as “financial centres” until each and every pensioner receives a FULL return of their savings – plus interest. The PSG campaign is already rolling.

      Pensioners Campaigning for Honesty and Justice
                                      PSA350(?)orange [dot] es
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PSG is not PAG!

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Just to correct something conned says in her blog (as I can't reply there):

PSG =Premier Shareholders group: a group of mostly pensioners in Spain, who lost a lot of money in the "Premier Low Risk Fund" - which turned out not to be low risk at all (see post at start of this forum). They have as yet no website, but often post comments on other sites and are supportive of DAG as fellow sufferers.

PAG = Postive Action Group (not pensioners): an IOM-based group working for positive change in the IOM. Also very supportive of DAG and have published many of our documents and press releases on their site

PSG versus PAG

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More from PSG ...

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To discredit the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Isle of Man based Premier High Risk Fraud the PSG will hold a number of events, including poetry reading and choral festivals. In November there will be a mass rally in Hyde Park, London featuring a parade of 100’s of Premier’s elderly victims.
Accompanied (ironically) by a Caribbean steel/steal band.

The anniversary theme will be to advise/warn the world about the nauseating conduct of the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey governments.
Any artistic contributions for publication gratefully received. The below submitted by one of Premier’s pensioner victims.


Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey trash
Where greedy pigs hide their cash
Banks, funds and accountants too
Into a trough they selfish spew

Tax evasion is their game
Well-known people you can name
Fiddling here, deceiving there
Of the poor they show no care

The largest companies take delight
As third world countries they do blight
No shame or conscience on display
Unseen and hidden sworn to stay

Money comes and money goes
Source and purpose no one knows
Secrecy and silence is the order
No controls inside their border

Poorer countries suffer to endure
While the rich their wealth do ensure
Benefiting from whispers from within
A confidential nod and a knowing grin

And African despots use their skill
Whilst a lack of food their people kill
Palaces and limousines by the dozen buy
As the sick and frail in thousands die.

So those of you in the Manx pigsty
Not for ever will you the law defy
Because all that’s good will soon decree
A timely end to your anarchy

Time is up for the Isle of Man Ministers.

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  • Thu, 01/09/2011 - 11:27

Time up for the Isle of Man Ministers

Watch your backs, we are out to get you

I’m stirring up a potion
With a lovely smelly pong
I will paint the Tynwald yellow
And I’ll make it really strong

They thought it very clever
To purloin our hard earned money
With a yellow streak now up their backs
They won’t think it so funny

Yet, barefaced lies they tell us

Without an ounce of shame

And think they're Teflon coated

But we know whose to blame

I’ll be out there waiting for them
These snivelling little guys
And I’m revving up my engine
On my launch pad in the skies

So when they aren’t looking
I shall sneak up like a mouse
And I’ll paint these creeps with potion
When they’re coming out the house (of Keys)

I’ve got loads of stinking fish heads
Oozing globs of putrid scum
And they burst with rotten maggots
When I zap them one by one

They will never know what hit them
When I’m whizzing through the trees
And I’m firing pots of yoghurt
From a gun between my knees

Now time is getting shorter
For this bunch of rotten fellows
Yes Isle of Man prepare yourselves
We'll paint you shades of yellows