Petition re. the corona-virus and schools

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Posted: Sun, 15/03/2020 - 11:34

Off-topic, I know, but important IMHO:

Legislate to allow parents to have the option to remove their children from school if there is a pandemic e.g. Coronavirus or similar without negative action by schools or local authorities. They shouldn’t lose the child’s place in the school or face any kind of prosecution.

Professionals do not know enough about the disease to 100% ensure our children and or their familIes are safe. If a child picked it up at school and is a symptomatic will pass it to family that could be old and or vulnerable. As well as many children being vulnerable and having health issues.

We understand the economy of closing all schools but for those parents that are able to do this should be given the option. It’s a safe guarding concern by any parent and should be taken seriously

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