The Parable of the High Priest Sodemall

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Once there were people from many distant places who put their life savings in the Kaupthing Bank, believing that their trust in the Land of Banx was rightly placed. Then one day they woke up to find themselves in the gutter, having been robbed in the night by crafty thieves who snatched everything they had & put it in the Kaupthing UK bank where it was speedily frozen by King Darling’s Court.

Shocked, bruised and destitute these once proud & independent people, the salt of the earth, dared to believe that someone in the Land of Banx would recognise the terrible injustice that had been visited upon them and come in haste to render them assistance.
Looking up in despair they saw the Great High Priest of Sodemall coming down the road.. Ah! Surely here was a man whose moral integrity & deep religious principles would be their deliverance.

The High Priest looked upon these poor souls but alas! he felt no compassion or mercy in his heart. His concern was not for the down trodden, bereft & grieving depositors The holy man’s heart was squarely in the Councils of the Tynwald that looked after the banking temples wherein the rich did lay up their treasures.

Then another man came down the road. He was the Chief Priest in charge of the Tynwald’s treasury. The wretched depositors pleaded for his gracious intervention to make good their terrible loss. The Chief said the scriptures of the holy Tynwald did not permit him to bind up their wounds and restore to them all that they had lost. Instead he offered them a crutch made up of just 60% of all that they had once possessed whilst his thoughts dwelt warmly upon the other 40%

Then there came from afar a noble man robed in the garments of the Queen’s Council of another kingdom. He pronounced the Land of the Banx a den of financial iniquity, & revealed to all the people of the land the crafty deceptions & deceits of big banking businesses calculated to enable rich fat cats from afar to evade paying their taxes to provide for the poor, the halt, the lame & the blind living in far off places..

Then the Parliament of the Queen from afar elevated the goddess of truth & justice to be the goddess who was henceforth to be worshipped in the Land of Banx. Furthermore it ordered the Temple Tynwald to restore to the depositors all that they had lost as a consequence of putting their trust in the once mighty Kaupthing bank, protected by the High Priest Asp who had oversight of all the banking temples in the land.

The people who had been so cruelly robbed as they slept now rejoiced in their deliverance from the hands of those who had conspired to leave them deprived of their worldly goods. Then the priests of the temple banks in the land packed up their altars and empty treasury coffers and went into the wilderness and were never seen or heard of again.

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Parable of sodemall

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Love it. Absolutely wonderful. Made me smile...wish we could get this posted in the Isle of Man Press.
Thank for a smile to start the day.