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Posted: Mon, 13/10/2008 - 02:37

hello please can someone kindly help me! i have my life savings approx £150,000 in singer and friedlander iom. i live in the uk, because i live in a flat with a communal entrance i thought i did the wise thing and put a stop to my mail from singer! They wrote to me a few years ago even though i have a mail stop on my adress about the European Savings Tax Directive so i know they have my address! I would just give them a ring every 6 months for a balance up date and make sure everything was ok. Any ideas on how i will get my compensation? i have read that they send out a form but will they bypass my mail stop? just a quick rant, i put my money in the iom, because of the reputation and history of the iom banking industry. If i wanted to put it in an unstable coutry i would of. i truely believe that the iom gov should of regurly checked the fiancial situation of all the banks in the iom. The banks in the iom should be privileged to operate there. Not give the iom banking industry such a bad name. Shame on you, the iceland government for being so so spineless. Come on you iom government do the right thing and give us all our hard earned money back. Just look at nothern rock, there was a run on the bank. the uk government steped in, now they are having to turn new accout openings away! take this as an opportunity to expand the financial industry in the iom! a chance like this on this scale won't come along again. the public will always remember how the governments of the world behaved during this terrible time. to all the people who visit this site and feel how i feel please be strong it is only early days

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  • Mon, 13/10/2008 - 03:52

From what I read on the questions and answers on the Isle of Man FSC site, you should just write to the administrator to clarify your contact details (where you want correspondence sent), giving proof of your address. But you probably don't need to do it just yet: if it were me I'd wait a day or two and see how it goes.