New server - decisions needed please

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Posted: Mon, 13/10/2008 - 17:20

I've still not heard from Greg who originally set the site up - I guess he'll be awake soon.

  • There's no practical reason why the site can't stay where it now is. It's on a server that I rent, and use for a few other things that shouldn't conflict. However...

  • Because I have other stuff on this server (other clients, other peoples data), I can't easily allow Greg (or anybody else) to have the same low level access that he allowed me on the original server. So maybe we need to move yet again, so that administrative access can be shared.

  • If the site stays here, an upgrade may be needed. Not sure yet.

  • Possibly we can identify the cause of the performance problems at Greg's server and move back there.


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  • Mon, 13/10/2008 - 22:09


i have unlimited hosting on my account.

willing to host it their if need be. It is not a dedicated server though.


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  • Mon, 13/10/2008 - 19:56

i use - reliable and cheap

Glad it's working! Nice to

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  • Mon, 13/10/2008 - 17:41

Glad it's working!

Nice to come home to a functional site. Really that's all we need - thanks to the our various Webmasters for their efforts!

Doesn't matter where it is...

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  • Mon, 13/10/2008 - 17:30

Doesn't matter where it is... the main thing is to keep it up.
If the domain can be transferred to the new site, great. If not a re-direct is perfectly fine.
As to admin access issues, which I understand, that's probably a matter for you and Greg to discuss and sort out between you two as to what works best.
If that entails moving back to the original site, with another temporary downtime, if the speed issue there has definitely been fixed, I think we can live with it.