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Posted: Wed, 27/05/2009 - 15:00

Ok, here's a free chat forum - -- experimental for now. If "general chat" moves there, that simplifies administration here. Important DAG discussion should, I suggest, remain here for all kinds of reasons which I don't have time to go into right now.

The running costs will be very low - I will not perform any system maintenance there and "moderation" will be delegated to volunteers. Nor will there probably be any backups, so it should not be used for any "mission critical" content. Exact forum structure will need some work, but its up and running now.

Background information here:

This may not be a good idea, hence I'm saying it's experimental. However, the hosting for that site has been paid for a year (out of your contributions of course) and so is "free" for all to use, and most likely always will be so long as hosting, domain and any direct costs can be paid - less then 100 quid a year currently so peanuts really (computers are cheap, people's time and expertise cost money.)

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