My (unanswered) correspondence to Mr. Haarde

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Posted: Fri, 24/10/2008 - 06:22

Someone yesterday mentioned that he/she had received a reply from the Icelandic Prime Minister's web site. I have not received one sent to his office e-mail address, postur(?)for [dot] stjr [dot] is.

I would like to put more pressure on the Icelandic authorities, given that a proportion of our deposits were illegally remitted to Iceland. My e-mails are below, from Tuesday and just now.

Dear Sir/Madam

I sent the e-mail below on Tuesday of this week but rather disappointingly have received no reply. I would like to stress that as a saver with the Isle of Man Kaupthing Singer Friedlander bank, I am currently waiting for news about the return of MY MONEY. Like all depositors in this bank, WE WANT THE RETURN OF OUR HARD-EARNED MONEY.

We are well aware that this money has been stolen from our accounts by Kaupthing HF. It was a criminal act and we want our deposits returning to us.


Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2008 3:44 PM
Subject: For His Excellency Mr. Geir H. Haarde

Your Excellency Mr. Haarde

I am writing to you to seek your assurance, and to urge you to consider the situation in which deposit holders of Kaupthing Singer Friedlander Isle of Man find themselves.

I have deposits with Kaupthing Singer Friedlander IOM and since the news earlier this month of the bank's closure, my world has been totally wrecked and the plans for my future are ruined. I have worked and saved all of my life and like many of the people also in this situation, I cannot believe that all my efforts to save for my future, and my family's future have ended in this way.

When my bank Derbyshire Isle of Man was purchased by Kaupthing earlier this year, I was reassured by the parental guarantee offered to savers, stating that the parent company would support the deposits held. As a depositor I was not given the opportunity to withdraw my funds, and I am very concerned that the guarantee written in the documentation was a ploy to retain deposit-holders.

More recently, Mr. Haarde, you were interviewed on national news and when asked if deposit holders would receive all of their balances back, you said you did think so. So, I am left at the moment not knowing if our parental guarantee is being honoured, as indeed I believe it should be. We also learn today that your country has successfully reached an agreement with the International Monetary Fund and I am kept wondering if this will enable Iceland to honour the debts it has formerly said it will.

I do not wish to hear about the Kaupthing Bank now being a different entity, and therefore choosing not to honour its debts to creditors overseas. It suited your government at the time to nationalise Kaupthing Bank and so I therefore believe it should be correct that the bank's depositors are properly catered for. It is the right thing to do.

I do hope finally Mr. Haarde that although these are no doubt very difficult times for everyone, the individual lives of savers whose very existence depends on the recoverly of what they have worked so hard for so many years. I have been close to ruin for these past two weeks, and I would not wish this difficult time on anyone. I believe if this matter is not corrected, people's lives will be lost. I for one do not know how I will continue in this world, faced with this disaster.

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