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Posted: Fri, 23/01/2009 - 16:27

Re:- MT 130 not sure what the reasoning is regarding this. After 2 weeks of badgering KSF IOM for proof that my funds went and were sent back, I eventually got a copy of an outgoing and incoming Swift transaction. I can not understand why there wasn't a date on it, either out going or incoming. I have asked on several occasions for a copy showing dates but to no avail. Someone says that some of these MT130's, which I presume my wire transfer is one, could be fake. What is the significance, if they are? My bank states that they did not receive the funds nor did they return them, so this has left me doubting whether my wire transfer is genuine or not.

I would also like to know if it is possible for members to state when they gave insturctions to the bank to transfer money. Is there anyone that can beat 02/10/08 for instance? And what other silly reasons did they give for the money coming back, especially when they did not re issue the transaction that was returned, according to them, on the 06/10/08 when they had the correct information in the first place? Also of interest could be when was the last deposit taken into the bank? This could be interesting to see if the dates were days or weeks apart.

Could we also be told what time the court case is, on 29/01/09 and whether Diver would want as many people as possible to be present in court?

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