List of E/Mail addresses for key people in Tynwald

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Posted: Sat, 02/05/2009 - 20:16

Can anyone point me to a list of E/Mail addresses for the key people in the IOMG? I have only used snail mail previously but now I am keen to get Mark Todd's statement (see my post from yesterday) circulated to see if the IOMG have any specific response to it.


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IOM contacts

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  • Sun, 03/05/2009 - 04:38

david [dot] anderson(?)gov [dot] im
steven [dot] Beevers(?)isleofmanfinance [dot] com
brightideas(?)gov [dot] im
Nick [dot] Boon(?)isleofmanfinance [dot] com
nick [dot] boon(?)manx [dot] net
phil [dot] braidwood(?)gov [dot] im
tony brown
chief [dot] minister(?)cso [dot] gov [dot] im
david [dot] callister(?)gov [dot] im
david [dot] cannan(?)parliament [dot] org [dot] im
brenda_cannellmhk(?)manx [dot] net
steve [dot] carse(?)gov [dot] im
clare [dot] christian(?)gov [dot] im
geoff [dot] corkish(?)gov [dot] im
graham [dot] cregreen(?)gov [dot] im
tim [dot] crookall(?)gov [dot] im
ray [dot] davies(?)isleofmanfinance [dot] com
Paul [dot] DeWeerd(?)fsc [dot] gov [dot] im
Brian [dot] Donegan(?)isleofmanfinance [dot] com
alex [dot] downie(?)gov [dot] im
john [dot] aspden(?)fsc [dot] gov [dot] im
fsc(?)gov [dot] im
phil [dot] gawne(?)gov [dot] im
quintin [dot] gill(?)parliament [dot] org [dot] im
bill [dot] henderson(?)parliament [dot] org [dot] im
heraldeditor(?)manx [dot] net
karranmhk(?)hotmail [dot] com
Tracy [dot] Maddrell(?)newsiom [dot] co [dot] im
newsroom(?)manxradio [dot] com
mark [dot] shimmin(?)treasury [dot] gov [dot] im
HM Representative
government [dot] house(?)gov [dot] im
steve [dot] rodan(?)gov [dot] im
john [dot] shimmin(?)gov [dot] im
john [dot] spellman(?)gov [dot] im
juan [dot] watterson(?)gov [dot] im

get writing to iom contact...

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  • Sun, 03/05/2009 - 07:30

I write at least everyday to one of them, so come on ....they must know the grief of this all, keep at it

that will take weeks!

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  • Sun, 03/05/2009 - 16:52

That will take weeks

Why not write to all of them today!

Everuone can do the same.

Best not to do it in big groups or it will go to spam.


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  • Sat, 02/05/2009 - 21:22

As soon as I saw your post yesterday I copied Mark Todd's letter and sent it to John Spellman saying that if the IOM did not approach the UK for assistance I would vote against the

Tynwald contacts

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  • Sat, 02/05/2009 - 21:06

Its a start

  • Tricky Dicky
  • 24/10/08 30/05/09
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