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Posted: Thu, 23/10/2008 - 11:30

Could you please check out this page (regarding asset freezing orders)

//p10 [dot] hostingprod [dot] com/(?)spyblog [dot] org [dot] uk/blog/2008/04/gordon-browns-terrorist-asset-freezing-bureaucracy-petty-incomptent-and-illegal.html" title="http://p10 [dot] hostingprod [dot] com/(?)spyblog [dot] org [dot] uk/blog/2008/04/gordon-browns-terrorist-asset-freezing-bureaucracy-petty-incomptent-and-illegal.html">http://p10 [dot] hostingprod [dot] com/(?)spyblog [dot] org [dot] uk/blog/2008/04/gordon-browns-te...

Towards the end on the left there is a link to the home office wath blog set-up by the Lib Dem Home Affairs Team. It links to
If you select Team, there is a whole list of MPS including Huhne. Have any e-mails been sent to them?

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Chris Huhne..e-mail him

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Yes I sent him this yesterday and I urge everyone to send him an e-mail.Chris Huhne has stated that the UK government's action in freezing the assets of Icelandic banks was probably illegal

Dear sir,

I write as one of thousands of mainly british depositors in KSFIOM.
Please find below the text of a question which I have recently submitted to
the treasury committee's "banking crisis enquiry" scheduled for 3rd Nov.
I think that this question encompasses some of the most vital points to be
investigated in order to get to the bottom of this fiasco which has put
thousand's of british savers in severe jeopardy.As such I suppose it will
be filtered out and will never be asked!!

Does Alistair Darling agree that the Isle of Man FSC has stated that it was
responsible for some £550M of mostly british depositors money in Kaupthing
Singer & Friedlander Isle of Man being deposited for "safe keeping" in
Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander UK and does he also agree that it did so
following discussions with the UK financial regulatory authorities,and does
he further agree that the FSC was not consulted in any way prior to KSF UK
being placed into administration, using sealed papers, by the ill-conceived
& hasty actions of the UK Government thus causing these funds to continue
to remain inaccessible to the liquidator provisional for KSFIOM and thus
causing untold hardship to thousands of british depositors?

Yours sincerely