Letter to the Joint Provisional Liquidators - Sent

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Posted: Wed, 15/04/2009 - 06:48

Edited for my circumstances and sent. Also using as basis for todays MPs emails (resting wrist a bit today).

Also, not sure if this has been posted anywhere on the site but this descibes what occured in the UK on 8th Oct from the perspective of Parliament (Diver gets a mention too, showing he deserves a hell of a load of appreciation for his efforts to date). Item 57 - last sentence - is particularly interesting as many MPs are still spinning the line that the Treasury cant do anything to get the money back to IoM; even the Sants admits that is not quite true.

Lets get a bunch of emails off to MP's folks. Don t leave it to someone else; get 'em sent - you never know, it may be your email that breaks the darling brown back and finally gets things done. Ignore the nay sayers on this site, i've seen them walking round with their there is no point placards; but they are the ones who don't actually do anything except speculate about how bad things could get! It will only get worse if we let it, and by God while we have blood in our veins we are not going to let it!!!!

So get writing and don;t stop until blood is pouring from yer fingertips (Ok, so going slightly overboard now! Stop when they are just a bit bruised :- )

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