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Posted: Tue, 31/03/2015 - 19:16

Hi everybody.

This message relates to the KSFIoM DAG "chat" site. In the very near future I need to pay for a year (at least) of our hosting from Extraordinary Managed Services to keep our chat site operational. The ksfiomdag.com site is independent and would not be affected. The "old" public site at www.ksfiomdepositors.org would be affected, but that's hardly used at all these days - it shows a notice that it's out of date, referring visitors to the ksfiomdag.com site instead.

We are on the minimum plan from Extraordinary Managed Services (they were previously called xtrahost.co.uk). Even this is now overkill for the level of activity on the site. It costs £15 per month +VAT. There are other hosting providers better tuned to handle low activity sites, but moving to a different provider would represent a lot of work, some downtime and quite probably some glitches which would need to be ironed out over time. The work involved would be several hours for sure, probably a day, and possibly several days, depending on the choice of hosting provider and on how the move went in practice.

The decision as to whether it's worth moving or not depends on how much longer we imagine the site will need to remain operational, and that's unknown. If the chat site does need to continue to exist for more than, say, another six months, then I would propose moving to a different provider. Extraordinary aren't particularly expensive, they're just not targeting our type of requirement (now very low-end). My preference would be to move to Digitial Ocean as I use them for other things an am familiar with their set up. Our hosting needs could be handled with their low-end packages - $5 or $10 a month. They operate servers in various locations including London, which would be my choice. One big reason for using them is that I have existing virtual servers there - I can "clone" one of those, and so set up a working platform for our site far more quickly then I could do elsewhere.

A lot has changed since this site was originally set up. Quite possibly a Google circle would now be perfectly adequate, and free of charge. There's probably some nostalgia value in all the old content here - everything since day one is still available to read - but I don't know to what extent DAG members would care if it all disappeared.


  • We need to pay hosting bills urgently (otherwise the site will disappear very soon). We are paying in arrears and need to pay at least the past year. So, that means I need to see some donations - please go this page to do that. There's also a copy of the Donate button at the end of this post.
  • We could reduce this ongoing cost to zero by moving to Google Circles or similar, and that would cater for current/future needs (group discussion) but not provide any of the historic content from the site.
  • We could reduce the ongoing hosting cost by about half by moving to a different provider. But due to the overhead cost of actually doing the move, that would not be worthwhile unless we expected the site to be needed for at least another six months.

Anybody want to take over?

As I've said many times, I would be very happy for somebody else to take over full responsibility for the site. I would also be happy for somebody to take on financial responsibility - handing donations and paying invoices basically, without taking on technical responsibility.

Technical information

Some further information for anybody who has suitable technical resources available to them and wants to look into handling this in a different way:

  • The site is built on Drupal 6. See drupal.org for further information.
  • It could be moved onto any platform which supports the necessary technology stack (Apache, nginx or similar, MySQL or MariaDB, PHP 5.x, Postfix or similar).
  • Alternatively, it could be dumped to static HTML fairly easily.

This message is also going out as email to all registered members.

My very best regards to everybody.

Andy ("ng")

Click this button to make a donation to ksfiomdepositors.org website funding via PayPal.

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Another donation

  • mesufish
  • 21/10/08 01/10/15
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  • Wed, 08/04/2015 - 11:56

It is definitely a good idea to keep this site going. Not so many post comments these days but a lot of us keep checking in so that we can know what is happening. A heartfelt thanks to all those who keep us informed and especially to ng who is there in the background making sure it is all working properly.
Another donation made.

Website funding

  • Jo
  • 13/10/08 31/08/09
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  • Fri, 03/04/2015 - 15:38

Agree that we should keep the chat site and the history it contains. Have also sent a donation. Echo others' thanks to everyone involved who has set up and maintained the website, got us organised and represented us at the outset and used their expertise to interpret financial information for the benefit of all.


  • Lifeonhold
  • 18/10/08 30/06/13
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  • Fri, 03/04/2015 - 07:28

Many thanks to everyone involved in this site, especially Gordon. It's always been comforting to check on the site and hear everybody's views and latest news. There were times when we were at our wits end, wondering how we were going to cope without our life savings. Thankfully most has come back and we are most grateful for all the support and help we have had through this site. £50 donated through Paypal.


  • Pat
  • 10/10/08 30/11/12
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  • Thu, 02/04/2015 - 02:33

Many thanks Andy for all you do to keep the site up and running. And thanks also to Gordon and Anrigaut for their continued vigilance. Never thought we'd get this far! Fifty quid added.


  • Wombat761
  • 30/01/09 20/03/15
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  • Thu, 02/04/2015 - 00:53

Dear Andy:
Thanks for all you've done to support the KSF funds recovery by DAG. I would like to continue to support the Chat Site. Unfortunately the site responding to Click on the Donate Button does not accept my antipodean (Australian) address.

Any suggestions?



  • rhbbpd
  • 12/10/08 31/05/09
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  • Wed, 01/04/2015 - 16:44

Thank you so much Andy for all the time and trouble you have taken for us all. I have just donated £30.


Web site

  • shafted
  • 10/10/08 12/12/09
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  • Wed, 01/04/2015 - 14:52

Good afternoon all I have just sent 30.00 into account.
I have not posted anything for some considerable time but still check in now and again, I agree this site should be available until the finish.
I would like to apologise to those, particularly Gordon for not sending a"massive thank you" for all your time spent in your analysis of the accounts, which has no doubt been a "God "send.
Cheers all.


  • chrismorgan55
  • 10/10/08 21/06/09
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  • Wed, 01/04/2015 - 12:53

I am certainly very willing to contribute but I can't using an Italian credit card. The site does not accept foreign addresses etc. Is it possibile to give an IBAN so I can make a bank transfer.
Thanks and thanks for all your work

Carry on

  • D RAM
  • 13/10/08 01/08/14
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  • Wed, 01/04/2015 - 10:00

Keep up the good work. GBP30 donated via Paypal.

Keep site

  • sunny1
  • 16/10/08 30/05/14
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  • Wed, 01/04/2015 - 06:14

Hi Andy

I've just sent £100 via PayPal, with very many thanks for your work on our behalf over these years.

Please keep this site - it still continues to be a lifeline between individuals and all others and to what is happening. It has current posts which are up-to-date and relevant (thank you Anrigaut mainly) and all our history. At least until the JLs disband or all the interest is paid or the parental guarantee kicks in ...

I don't know enough about technology, but if you think one of the other options mentioned is better, while still keeping us and the last six+ years together, then fine by me.

Once more with heartfelt thanks,

Please Keep Site

  • Blades
  • 19/10/08 n/a (free)
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  • Fri, 03/04/2015 - 05:47

I totally agree with sunny 1, many thanks ng and to everyone who has done so much over the years to help us all through this awful time. Donation made.

Keep the site

  • petenorwich
  • 12/10/08 31/05/09
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  • Wed, 01/04/2015 - 01:51

Thanks for all your work Andy. I've just donated 20 quid. Let's keep the site for now.

Keep the site

  • cottesmore
  • 21/10/08 16/07/12
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  • Tue, 31/03/2015 - 19:56

Hi Andy,just sent you fifty quid. I want to keep this site. It has all our stories and so much more!
Everyone should donate £50 and that would sort it for a long time. Come on you lot,you've all had your money back. £50 is nothing to us all. Get on with it!!

Continuing chat

  • Podcar
  • 13/10/08 n/a (free)
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  • Tue, 31/03/2015 - 19:46

How about setting up a Facebook page. It's free and it's a good way to stay in touch.